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I was near the end of my jelqing session my erection level was up from the normal 50% to around 85-90% erect, I was watching some intense porn and felt me about to pass the Point of no return. I immedietly stopped jelqing but continued watching the computer screen and needless to say I ejaculated before I was able to finish my routine. I was about 90% done with the routine though but I came during jelqing. I researched the site and from what most members are saying it’s ok to cum after your routine, but what about if you cum during your routine? Does this cancel out your routine for the day ? This was my first time doing this usually I will PE during the afternoon and cum at night only once a day twice on my off days. Cumming mid routine, would your penis still be “worked out” after ? Or would it be more like masturbating which you won’t see any gains for. I was jelqing for 30 mins before I came but the fact that I was basically in mid stroke still doing my routine then cumming I feel as if it was a waste of a routine. I hope I’m wrong, anyone with any knowledge or experience on this topic please let me know what the truth is about “ejelqulating”, Thanks.

Not only does it cancel out your routine for the day, but for the month before and the month afterwards! If you carry on with your routine for two more months then you will be back where you started.

But don’t worry “It’s a marathon not a sprint!”

Hope this helps ;)

Whatever the benefits you gained before you let go, you still have them.

I don’t get why ejaculation is such a big issue with so many here.

There are a lot of PE exercises, jelging among them, that give erotic feelings with the normal result. As you go along, you’ll develop more control than you may have now.



Nah, I would not sweat it you will probably gain better.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

WOW Thunder that just wasn’t right, that was downright dirty. Thats something ill pull up next time I reach the point of no return but I’m not sure if ill ever be able to get hard again.

Oh hell no! haha. That might be the grossest shit I’ve ever seen. But you’re right Thunder, that’s definitely one solution. Haha


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