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Effects of sleeping pills on ADS

Effects of sleeping pills on ADS

Hi Everyone,

My first post. Hopefully the first of many!

I searched the forums for the answer to this, but couldn’t find it. If I missed it, apologies.

I recently bought an AndroExtender and have been using it for about 3 weeks, wearing it about 9-10 hours per day. I am not doing any other exercises (comments welcome).

However, in the manual that came with the device there is written this warning:

IMPORTANT: The use of medication for stimulating hair growth and medications to treat depression, sleeping pills and other tranquilizers have been proved to significantly diminish the effectiveness of the Extender.

I have seen the same warning on several websites selling other traction devices, such as the MegaSizer:

Does anyone know anything about this claim? None of the medical studies that I have read on the effectiveness of traction devices mentions anything about sleeping pills. I sent an e-mail to AndroMedical, but no reply. I also e-mailed the comany that sells the Jes Extender and Male Edge devices, and I received a reply from Jes himself saying he had not heard anything about this (side note - I am going to buy a Male Edge simply because Jes himself replied to my query.I respect that kind of customer service). Yet there it is in bold print in the manual for the AndroExtender (which to my understanding is the other “reputable” extender).

I have a highly stressful job and I often find it helpful to take an Ambien before bed in order to get to sleep. But I would really like to know if taking this medicine is going to limit my gains in any way, and what science is behind the claims that it would.

Sincere appreciation to anyone who can enlighten me. In fact, I’d probably donate to this site if someone had any good information about this question.

Those websites should provide backup for what they say, I think. Those medicines, more than hindering gains, can lower EQ, which is a different thing.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been taking Ambien for years but have no problems at all with EQ..

It’s not just on websites but in the actual instruction manual that comes with the AndroExtender, so I’m thinking there must be something behind it, but no one seems to know.

Welcome BiggerTiger! I don’t know how sleeping pills affect PE. I doubt at all.

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I had negative effect on EQ while taking zopiclone. It did however work wonders on Premature ejaculation so I guess it was a win/lose.

Great find please research and get back to us with results and does this mean prescribed sleeping pills or both prescribed and over the counter

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so have you made any gains yet?

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