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Hi guys, does edging really help to last longer in sex.. I mean if we can edging for 30 minutes then how long we can last in sex.

Edging to improve stamina?

“Stamina” on search could bring lots of more threads. Enjoy!

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It will never be the same, maybe do a search on ballooning as well it could be more fun.

It helps with your EQ (Erection Quality) and also your stamina.

I’ve read about ballooning and I can’t understand what is that.. And for edging, did we need to use lube?

Edging is basically masturbate until you reach the Point of No Return (PONR). Then you stop before you ejaculate. You then start masturbating again until the next PORN. Try us Kegel to stop cumming. It takes a bit of discipline of not cumming when you are getting close, but I love edging because it trains you penis to stay hard for longer and not ejaculate as much. It is a good exercise to do after your PE exercises to get the blood flowing to the penis.

Does its really help to get last longer in sex.

Originally Posted by johny2126
Does its really help to get last longer in sex.

Yes, it can. Monitor your breathing and how tense your muscles are from your navel down. Relax and breathe deep as you edge. Focus on releasing any tension as you stimulate yourself.

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Edging can do only good.

The rest are details. Just do it.

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