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Well, I’m in the newbie forum for a reason. What exactly is edging? These terms are used so frequent that when you do a search you can’t find a definition of anything. I think I truly am the epitome of a noob. Hehehe. I can deal with that because you guys have been great so far and are very helpful.

Thanks again fellas

I checked out the PE glossary: I don’t think “edging” had an entry. Here’s a great article that describes edging for ejaculation, and orgasm control, (if someone wants to adapt it for the FAQ…)


A post by the esteemed “Dr. Luv”. Sums it up nicely.


Wow, glandmaster. Thanks for all the help and I appreciate all the effort it seems you put in into finding this stuff for me. I still can’t get over how great all of you guys work together and how helpful you are. Thanks again. I haven’t exactly started a real PE routine yet, but I used to kegel every now and then without knowing what I was doing before. Kegels seem simple enough cause I can do them at anytime. However I’m usually pretty busy and this requires a lot of alone time, hopefully I can make room for that. Can you get gains by simple stretching (yanking on it, thats my definition) accompanied with hot soaks or wraps? I do intend to jelq, but I don’t know if I can be that consistent.

I read everything you posted here and I can easily last a half hour during masturbation. However, I have an extremely hot girlfriend and like I said before it’s hard to get alone time. So we don’t have sex as much as we fool around, but when I have sex with her I find it hard to control myself. Like I said before I can jerk off for over a half hour without cumming, but when I’m with her it’s a different story. Damn her and her hotness. Heeheh. So anyway, why do you think that is? I guess I can control it, but when I’m with her I can’t. And getting an uglier girlfriend isn’t an option for you jokers out there. Thanks. Will doing more kegels help? And do you do kegels while having sex?

I have noticed about the breathing thing though. That seems like a simple place to start. I do clench up and basically hold my breath right as I am about to go. I will concentrate on breathing first I guess and take it from there.

I know this is long, so I will re ask if you have forgotten by the time you finished reading. Will warm wraps and stretching provide any gains on their own?

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