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I know it sounds stupid as hell but I been reading everywhere about edging but couldn’t figure out what it is ( I really have no ideas about it , maybe should add it to the glossary ) ?!

Could somebody please explain how it is done, for how long, what is it for .etc ?

Edging is simply staying just shy of cumming. You get 99% of the way and then just stay there. You stay right on the edge of cumming, hence the name.

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See also Kingpole’s thread here:

Edging 101

In that thread, I quote an edging website that is no longer on the net. Good instructions :

How to Edge:

sta-kool - Edging 101

If you get a change, reading this article might help you understand what’s going on with your body when you ejaculate. Would give you a good background that would help you figure out edging.

Ejaculation Process

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