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Originally Posted by avocet8
There is ample evidence in studies that men who consistently have frequent ejaculations (what’s ‘frequent’?) when younger, encounter fewer prostate problems later on in life so long as they continue to get off in some regular way.

What evidence? Which studies? I think this thread is at crossed purposes!

Just edging is to miss a large part of a very ancient technique and you may cause a range of potential problems; there`s a lot more to it (!)
If you want to know what you might get out of it re pleasure and health benefits, then read “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia.
Its populist but a good starting point; if you want more you can get into his deeper stuff.
Its a big help to PE generally

ps I think Avocet8`s prostatitis wouuld have been helped rather than exacerbated by sexual Qi Kung.

Orthodox medicine offers little by way of effective treatment; hence the experience he describes.

To say you don`t believe in energy is equivalent to not believing in air or water.

It’s true that holding your semen inside brings to prostatitis.. Edging is good for pleasure,PE,control of penis and other things but if you edge too much or too often the chances you get a prostatitis are high.. Doctors say that regular masturbation or sex is good for prostate health and this because of regular semen discharge.. People that for some reasons don’t blow their loads regularly have an higher risk of prostatitis and related diseases.. So the bottom line is : edge but not too much or too often and always have an orgasm after an intensive edging session

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