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Edging and masturbation.

I was told about edging from another member that had decent gains. I wanted to know if it was more of a maintenance exercise of exactly what you benefit from adding it to a routine.


And one more thing, I’ve been masturbating 1/2 times a day. I had been doing well about 3-4 times a week before that. But lately, I’ve been REALLY horny. I had this girl , but we can only see eachother a few times a week, and thats just not enough or something. I’m 20, and twice this week I had such an explosion I swear it musta been like 6-7 feet or more. I had something similar the next morning. I got some man vitamins nothing really fancy. But since I started taking them, I’ve had huge erections or a 9-10 strength. Whats an easy way to not give in to this pressure? Any tips. I was planning to have sex tomorrow, and I’ve had 4 *accident*s during edging in the last 2 days. Cripes :/

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I’ve only really seen edging used to prolong the longevity of your time in bed, or for those who are really ambitious to learn how to not only lengthen the time it takes for you to have an orgasm but to learn how to control your orgasm. Essentially going for as long as you want through dry orgasms (orgasms with out ejaculation) and achieving multiple dry orgasms during one go until you actually.. Wet.. Orgasm.

Edging feels good, and it is meant to be that way. It’s just getting you accustom to the sensations that go along with that form of pleasure and it isn’t something that will be *accident* free in one day, or one week, or one month, or even longer. It is used for you to get accustom to your body and just get to know it better so you can control it, or as I’ve heard “reteach” your body’s natural instincts when it comes to pleasure and orgasms.

I’ve tried to get in to edging myself but never could stick with it as it is something you should do every time you pleasure yourself if you really want it to be effective. Of course that is up for debate, but that is the way it is usually meant to be used. Not to go in to all the details, as I assume you probably know how to edge, but it does of course involve other things such as PC muscle control.

P.S. - The only way I’ve ever found not to give in to pressure is just do something else. If you’re really busy one week you can easily go 4 or 5 days and just be like, wow I haven’t done it in that long? Of course if you see your girl “a few” times a week you won’t have to go that long.

I wish I could masturbate 1/2 times a day.

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