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I’ve tried the search function, can’t seem to find anything about edging —

Does anyone know what it is and how you do it?
I’ve read a couple a guys routines and they mention it…
Is it orgasming without cumming?
Is it going to the point where you feel you’re going to cum and you control it?

I am lost…

Are there any suggestable techniques?
What does it do for PE?
Is it something a newbie should be doing?

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Originally Posted by Neophyte
I’ve tried the search function, can’t seem to find anything about edging —

I find that hard to believe, but just in case you really did have trouble finding what you’re looking for, try this thread (I found it by using the search function.)

Please do read that thread, because it will help you find the answer to almost any question you might have.

But here is a quick answer to your question (check the 57 threads that have edging in their titles to see if I’m right):

Edging is a technique wherein you masturbate right to the point of orgasm, then stop, or slow down, so you don’t cum. You can theoretically prolong this delightful agony indefinitely, and you may or not ejaculate at the end of the session. Most people practice edging as a means of mastering ejaculation control.

Hope this helps.

Edging helps with premature ejaculation and helps reverse erectile dysfunction.

1: get yourself a boner.
2: stroke the base of your erection without touching the trigger points.
Trigger points are the areas that will make you cum faster. The frenulum and the bottom of the glans.
3: when you feel like you have come near to the point of no return (The edge) stop stroking your penis.
Let it subside. Then continue stroking.
4: practice kegeling a useful tool in stopping ejaculation.
5: kegel through out the edging session. When you come to the point of no return do a strong BC kegel ,hold, then relax.
This will help with the process.

Edging takes practice.

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