Edging question , anyone expirianced this

Okey I have been ending for loooong nights of pr0n

Anyway , I got a chance to release the load(accidentally , not even 100% strength) yesterday and today ,
It’s like what they have in porn you know like a lil white bullet..
I wonder if it’s has to do with conditioning
And it’s not just accumulation.

-I ejaculated 3 in days one after another , the last one was the hardest.
-It didn’t take long

So yeah I think I hit the motherload.
Either that or edging increases test
Or all the blue balls I got from over fapping might have stretched them(I don’t do this on propose but sometimes it happens too fast)

I’ts very awesome so I thought to share
Although it’s not much more fun then the normal one , I’d rather have the dry one.