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Edging for PE

Edging for PE

I just started edging last week, trying to fix my slight problem I have with premature ejaculation. I edge without ejaculating. The only time I let myself release is if I have sex, and I’m single right now so it’s only every now and again I have sex. I was just wondering if edging twice a day without ejaculating would be too much, or if it’s even any extra benefit to only edging once a day. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

I saw some improvement in control going from once a day to twice a day, but it depends on the person in terms of improvement as well as free time. Make sure to ejaculate every 2-3 days, it’s bad for your prostate if you don’t, especially when edging.

Starting stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Current stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Short-term goals NBPEL:7.25| MSEG: 5.65

The way I’ve been doing it is by edging until I have to stop the 5th time, then I call it a session. I’m at about 17 minutes right now. Once I get to 30 minutes I was going to stop it right there each session until I could jack off for 30 minutes without needing to stop once. Then I was going to add a fleshlight into the mix and start again with the 5 stop technique until I then could do that for 30 minutes. I figure by that time I’d have all the control in bed I needed. Does that sound like a good plan or should I just go to 30 minutes each session no matter how many times I stop?

I’ll be sure to ejaculate at least 2 times a week. Thanks for that tid bit.

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