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Edging.. for long periods of time

Edging.. for long periods of time

I read in studies that no cumming raises testosterone for about 6-7 days then after the 7th your test levels will drop. What about edging though? I like this idea of no cumming, complete mind over body. Would I be able to keep my test levels up with edging even after day 7?

Just cum it’s good for you.

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Can you provide links or citations for these studies?

In my opinion, edging for long periods combined with semen retention (if only for a few days at a stretch) is a great way to gain mastery over your unit and experienced heightened levels of energy and arousal. I don’t know about related test spikes and valleys though. I’d be very interested in seeing those studies.

I did this for a long time and found that it didn’t , then aging I tale supplements which may maintain testo. Though like said above cum, it’s good for you, just don’t over do it or you’ll feel drained all the time.

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Edging is meant to expand your penis to the maximum and stay there for a long period of time to help your PE gain.
But edging doesn’t mean that you should not ejaculate for a week or so, you are free to do what ever you want after edging.

But I think it wise not to ejaculate immediately after edging, so your penis still expanded with blood for some time.

Thanks for the link. Very interesting stuff. It definitely affirms what I’ve experienced subjectively. However, it should be noted that this article, at least in the abstract, does not say that test levels drop below normal after the 7th day. Also test levels don’t rise daily, but spike dramatically on the seventh day:

“No regular fluctuation was observed following continuous abstinence after the peak…The results showed that ejaculation-caused variations were characterized by a peak on the 7th day of abstinence; and that the effective time of anejaculation, is 7 days minimum.

It does suggest, however, that periodic ejaculation (say once every week or so) is beneficial for triggering the spike. It would be interesting to know the age-range of the test subjects as well.

Is there anyone who can access this full article? PG?

Wow, I didn’t Know edging was that critical.

I edge all the time, even before I started PE.I always come after 30mins or so though lol.

I never knew that edging helps with PE. I guess because of increased bloodflow?

Edging is something I miserably failed to mention in my progress report as something I now see as crucial to my gains and potential gains. Encouraging your penis to max out seems to be the trend with effective PE (clamp, pump, etc).

I think edging has helped with my length gain primarily.

S.O. at P.B.

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