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Edging and prostate

Edging and prostate

Does edging harm prostate, especially does it lead to inflammation of the prostate?

Well, I don’t know that it can harm the prostate, but I had an experience recently with an inflamed, and later infected, epididymus that I attribute to edging. I had pe’d and edged for about 3 days before finally ejaculating, and when I did it was a little painful the rest of the day. Soon after a knot swelled up above my right testicle that ached pretty constantly. I waited a couple months to see what happened before going to the doctor. According to him I had a blow out of the epididymus that became infected.’s resolved now, but I would definitely not edge too much without ejaculating.

Especially for three days. Three hours is good though, no wonder you blew a line.

Take it easy.on your Dick and it will treat you the same.

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Yeah as far as I’m aware the edging doctrine does not tell you to avoid ejaculation altogether. I’d always finish off an edging session by coming. Blue balls way too severe otherwise!

Yes indeed.. 3 days worth of blue balls definitely causes problems, lol. It’s not like I was purposefully edging, but pe gets me pretty worked up and I just ignored it for 3 days worth.. Bad idea.

Lesson learned, and I’ve read that an infection in the epididymus can eventually kill the testicle, so thank god I caught it in time.

There are many threads introducing how to edge and the benefit of it´╝îhowever few thread talking about its harm. Apparently the prostate will be haematose when edge, and long time haematose will injure the prostate. Prostate is very important to man and we should protect it carefully.

I want to try edge and enjoy it, meanwhile I have to know its harm and do something to lower the disadvantage. So I hope some wise man here to illustrate the harm of edge and find out some method to reduce the harm.

Now, thanks to the reply above, I know we should finish off our edging session with ejaculation.

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