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Edging and EUs

Edging , EUs and a PI question

First off can somebody link me to the instructions on how to do EUs ? I was wondering are there any benefits to edging as far as increasing size goes ? Also I notice that over time my flaccid penis is getting thicker in width from base to head but it’s not a consistent thickness the entire way down from top to bottom. It looks sort of like plumped spots on the sides. It’s not to bad looking because it’s almost consistent all the way down but does anybody know the cause of that ?

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What’s an EU?

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Do you mean Ulis?

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Yes , the extreme uli , I just can’t find instructions for it through the search

Originally Posted by memento
What’s an EU?

European Union?

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I already do the #3s , I’m interested in the eus

Originally Posted by abeginner

I already do the #3s , I’m interested in the eus

None of us seem to be familiar with an EU. If it’s not an extreme uli, for which you’ve already been provided a link, please clarify what you’re talking about.

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Memento already posted a link.


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