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Is it a good idea to watch porn while you edge? Or should you not i find I can’ edge that long with or without porn.

What ever floats your boat, good Sir.

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Porn is always good. One of the true staples of girth work.

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No Nukes

Also Girtha I have tried to clamp with a mouse pad..but I feel I don’t get it close enough, so I think I’ll go just clamp no wrap or pads man.

New Wrap

You’re pretty new for the clamperoo. Have we finished our Newbie routine yet?

Wait. I’ve already given you this lecture, haven’t I? Sorry, Life is a blur.

I have on my desk at this moment a pretty marvelous little device I just bought at my neighborhood grocery store. Krogers here in Texas, but I’m sure they are in all stores. I found it on the ACE bandage isle. It cost me $4.00. The box is yellow, the name on the box is FUTURO SPORT Adjustable wrist wrap. It is made of thin neoprene, soft and fuzzy on one side and soft neoprene on the other side. I’m measuring it now. Hold on.

It is 1/8” thick 4” wide 12” long, but will stretch another 4”. It is wide enough for four or five clamps. But here is the beauty of it. The Velcro fastener is in the center rather than all the way across, like the old mag-wrap, and the fastener is only 1-3/4” wide and it will adhere anywhere along the fuzzy side of the wrap. So you can take a pair of scissors and easily cut a strip right down the center about 2” wide, or to the width of two clamps, that is one more clamp than you will ever need to use. Also cut off the little loop that is on the end for your thumb, because it gets in the way.

This is what you need, go get one, get two or three, they’re cheap and get stinky poo real quick from dick sweat. Don’t clamp bareback. I know drilla does it, but his dick is not really a normal dick. Trust me on this. You will only end up making yourself sore, and sooner or later, while in that swollen fleshy state that dicks get when you clamp a lot, you will get excited from all that new faux girth and clamp up enough skin into the jaws of the clamp to say, OUCH! and possible even say, “that fuckin Girtha should of warned me.” But I did warn, and I have witnesses.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


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