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ED? How can I tell?

ED? How can I tell?

I am not sure whether this is the correct forum but anyway…

I started PE about 2 months ago and it has given me results in terms of a better erection, but I cannot tell whether I have made any real gains. This is because I find it difficult to have to have it hard for an extesive period of time. In fact, I only ever feel it at being near 100% during oral sex or while being stimulated in any way by someone else (ie my girlfriend). I have read a tiny bit about the leakage problem (only being able to maintain erections for a short while)… and I wonder if I have this? Can this only be treated through an operation? Because if this is the case I probably don’t, as I feel erections have improved with masturbation while I can generally keep if up with a girl in any case. Any thoughts? Im thinking about exploring Cialis or Viagra, but am cautious seeing that I’m only 21. I do want to have a better erection than now, and hope to not worry about it while having sex. Can harm come from taking a light dose, or should I definitely see a doctor before even thinking of doing anything?

I am taking supplements in the form of L-Arginine and Muira Puama….

I have a hard time getting a 100% erect while doing the ol’ five knuckle shuffle myself. The best way I have found to get a 100% without anything but my winky and my own 2 hands is to run a batch off and stop right before I’m going to lose my man juice. Take your hand (s) off and watch that sucker rise like a loaf of bread. If you start to drop before you can get a good measure then rinse and repeat. Plus it’s fun as hell. :)


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