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Easiest/fastest way


Easiest/fastest way

Before you post PLEASE DO NOT FLAME. Yes I understand, there is no easy way and you’ll have to have the dedication etc. etc. etc.

But :

1. What is the easiest way?? By that I mean what requires the least work?? Jelqing you have to go through process of hot wrap, stretching, 100+ jelqs etc. For example the penimaster is that the easiest way(strap on and leave). BTW I’m willing to wait more time for results.

2. What is the fastest way for size?? Biggest increase in shortest time???

Please do not post anything other than the answers. Don’t mean to be arrogant, but I’m only curious not lazy etc.

I dont think there is an answer to your question memberman. All PE takes time. Most of us have exercised for a couple of years to obtain our gains; if gains were easy we all would have ten inch dicks. Try powerjelqing or stretching using a device. It wont help you gain any faster, but hey you wanted a answer.


One more comment,

You do not want an injury! I repeat, you do not want an injury. Just slapping your dick in a device without properly warming up will result in injury. It may seem like forever, but a lengthy safe PE routine that includes a hot-wrap in the beginning/end will greatly reduce your chances of injury. If you are a newbie(i dont know if you are), you should wait before using a stretching device.You have to condition your dick for these exercises. Be safe!


Slow and steady stretching and jelqing offer the safest results imo.

I would try hanging but don’t have the privacy. Same with pumping.

Maybe I will never gain as much by manually stretching/jelqing but since I have seen good results in the first year or so I feel that it’s a time tested technique…. And safe.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

Why do you think there are so many PE methods? It’s because they all have merit, none are the single best way. You have to decide your goals and then choose what you think best fits. Jelqing is all around conditioning for girth and length. Hanging focuses on length, but many reports girth gains. Pumping focuses on girth and also has some length benefit. If there was one best and fastest way to do it, we would all be doing it.

Pertaining to question #1:

Given all everyone above has said as relevant, I’d submit the easiest (reading that as requiring the least effort) PE method is hanging.

Strap the weight on and wait 20 mins.
Repeat 3 to 4 times a day.
That’s it.

Maybe make some adjustments regarding how much weight, and tightening your hanger a bit as you go, but that’s really the most effortless PE method I’ve done, and I think I’ve done them all.

It’d be wise to read up on it before deciding to see if you can hoist 20lbs one evening.

Pertaining to question #2

Given everyone is different, I’d advise forgetting the whole idea of gaining anything substantial “in a hurry”.

Go at this stuff bent on super fast gains and you’ll regret it. Think long-haul.
Sorry if this disappoints you.


Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

OK thank you guys very helpful and not argumentative replies.

But Darktrick, I thought hanging was the HARDEST method?? I thought you have to do several things before hanging it for safety???

Please very briefly outline the main steps in hanging.

BTW, not bitching but sometimes when I search for something on something like 30-page threads come up and it’s hard to find step-by-step instructions.

Well, this is a very good question, I guess everyone evolves their strategies for lengthening the rod. IMOP there is a lot of B.S. that floats around with some genuinely good ideas. It is not necessary to hot wrap the little bugger although that does get the blood flowing and you dont have to jelq the member 202 times in a descending manner toward MECCA. What is required is hanging weights for about 3 to 4x at approx 15-20 min intervals four or five times a week to start (use the weight that is appropriate for your members ability) and then to jelq maybe 3 sets of 5 reps (holding each rep for approx 60sec making sure the chambers are ballooned beyond normal limits). It can be analogize a lot like weightlifting to increase muscle size, you can do it moderately and get good tone or you can do it all out and look like the governor of California. Unfortunately, the results are not analogous to muscle building, however, it does not require much time and BS that you read in these posts; just hang and jelq, your weenie will tell you when your done, it will fatigue like a muscle and then you rest and resume another time. The good news is results happen relatively quickly and your member will be more proud and handsome then it ever was before. I got to 7 in about 4mos and 8 in 7mos. Your ultimate size and quality of boner will be predicated on genetics and in large part your technique. Just like play-doh you can mold it into ugly and messy things so you want to mold your member into a Michelangelo-like form. Good luck big boy, squeeze it and hang it and you wont be let down.

Join a couple of pay sites and gain 2 inches in two weeks and you only have to work out 15 minutes a day.

No but really PE works but most don’t gain very fast at all so think long term

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

So is this right?

With the hanger, and no form of warmup before:

1. Hang weights for 15 mins, 3 times with X rest between - How much you rest between intervals???
2. Do 3 sets of five 60sec reps - 60secs? I thought you only did it for like 4 seconds??
3. Do this four-five times per week

Originally Posted by memberman
But Darktrick, I thought hanging was the HARDEST method?? I thought you have to do several things before hanging it for safety???

Bear in mind this is my opinion.

I’d say manual methods are the hardest, they require the most effort, and that was what you were asking about I think.

When I did purely manual methods, (jelqing and stretching), my sessions were grueling, I really put alot of effort into jelqing and stretching, and the gains were rewarding. Sometimes you get out what you put in, if you catch my drift.

I’m not sure of having prerequisites to hanging. I’ve read it, and said the same many times, and I’d certainly suggest for you to do manual methods first, to condition your unit prior to taking up hanging.

But is it absolutely necessary ? Not sure.

I’d think if you were to start off with light weight, easy sessions, and massage well before and after, you’d probably not injure yourself.

Originally Posted by memberman
Please very briefly outline the main steps in hanging.

Get a hanger. A real hanger. You can make one yourself, as many have, including myself. But nothing beats a well designed, time-tested hanger, such as a Bib. Am unsure of the availability of them at this time.

Get some good wrapping material. Learn how to wrap properly.

Start hanging light weight. Get the feel for how to attach the hanger and make adjustments. It’s not rocket science.

All this information, everything you need to know, is available here at Thunder’s, for free.

Originally Posted by memberman
BTW, not bitching but sometimes when I search for something on something like 30-page threads come up and it’s hard to find step-by-step instructions.

Understandable. Here’s some others if you haven’t happened on them yet.
Bib’s collection of hanging links

New BIB hanger users

BIB hanger feedback

Alternate methods of creating cheap hangers

Ike’s Homemade hanger

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Nice post DT.

Weighing in on the manual side, I think it is simpler and less time consuming.

If you are able to sit in private for extended periods of time hanging is great, otherwise a manual routine along the lines of the newbie routine should take less time out of your day.

3 hanging sets is 60 minutes + setup time, maybe up to another 3-5 minutes each session if the sessions aren’t close together. Add to that the fact that you really want to at least do a little jelqing if only to encourage blood supply and you have a long routine.

The newbie routine is about 30 minutes including hot wraps. If you increase the jelqing time to 15 minutes (adequate imo) then its 35 minutes. Later if you up the stretching time to 20 miinutes, its 45 minutes. Doing 60 minutes of manual PE in one day would be considered a great deal.

Some people gain next to nothing from manual methods and gain consistently when hanging, others gain well from manual methods. You probably need to figure out if you can gain from manual methods by following the newbie routine for 2 months and while you are doing it research hanging to cover yourself for the manual methods not working. A couple of months of jelqing and stretching will prepare your penis well for hanging anyway.

Well said memento, esp that last sentence.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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Do people do more jelqs for faster gains or is their a point where you need to do more an order to gain at all.

As you PE the penis build up resistence. So as a program progresses you either need to increasingly rack up the pressure/time to make a difference or take some time out to decondition.

This is where I think the people who start jelqing for 3/4 hr or hanging with large weights initially miss out, their gains will probably not be any better and they’ve done themselves out of a path to increase their program over time.


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