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Dysmorphia or wtf

Dysmorphia or wtf

Quick post for guys out there whio might have experienced the same!

Ok I have an average Girth - 5.25-5.33 inches in EG (depends on EQ). I guess from reading different threads etc that that is a reasonable size. Average I guess - maybe on the slightly higher side of average but by no means big. Anyway, since arriving on Thunders, one thing I have noticed is that a 6 inch girth look so much larger (way more so than a penis which is an inch longer than mine). I mean they seem infinitely larger which seems mad as (to be kindest to me) it is only 2/3s of an inch. Is there just a critical mass that when you reach it it almost looks like a step forward in evolution!:)

I guess perhaps I could draw comparison between a 6.4 tall man and a 6.0 tall man. Although only about 5% in height difference the overall effect is huge?? I.e. I don’t think 5ft6inches to 5ft10inches has the same visual impact so perhaps it is that certain sizes are large and everything up to that is “not large” or “nearly large”!?

Is it the same for penis length I wonder? Is that why everyone seems to want 8x6? Is that the equivalent of 6ft4in? Does anyone out their agree that there a critical mass for looking large when it comes to girth or length? (I don’t mean you need 6 inches EG to satisfy or be happy.. Just talking visuals here)

Cause penis is not a cirle but oval so gains seems way more than they really are :) .

Se state cominciando il PE non cercate routine avanzate o fantasiose, rischiate solo di farvi male o di non guadagnare.

Usate la Newbie routine :) .

Oh yeah, I never thought of that - that makes a lot of sense actually. Not sure it accounts for the full metamorphosis from penis to massive penis in a few fractions of an inch.. But it certainly is a factor. Thanks for that Andrea_pe

Yep, well said andrea. Have seen units here looking way thicker than they actually were due to it’s shape, and vice versa.

And don’t forget that a relatively small increase in girth translates into a large increase in volume.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Woord! ;)

Yep the 2 combined might be what gives the overall effect - Most of the Girth might appear in penis diameter I.e. From side to side and it also blows up volume substantially. Still think it is mad the difference in size. I feel mine looks tiny compared to a 6 inch girth. The messed up thing is if I ever reached 6 I would probably think it still looks tiny:)


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