Dull "feeling" in testicle after jelqing (Hubbard style) + More

Hey guys. I feel a slight ache in my right testicle after I do the inner pinch-pull from jelq 2.0. I think it’s because I have a vein/tube or something on the right side of my testicle and it’s really hard to avoid it. Should I keep going and try to modify my grip? The pain subsides after my warm-down and it hasn’t gotten any worse after each session

Also, I’m on a weight loss stack (EC) and it lowers my EQ to an insane amount. However, my BPFSL seems to have gotten a bit longer in the past month, so should I take that as a positive PI? Not sure about my erect length or girth as again, I have terrible EQ with this stack.

Thanks again guys

9/6/14: BPFSL-5.5/BPEL-5.25

10/22/14: BPFSL: 6.3"

Goal: NBPEL:7" x 5"