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Due's or Do Not's

Due's or Do Not's

hey I’m a newbie and I’m just in the process of jelqing. I’ve only jelqued about 4 times but not consecutively. I would do it one day then skip the next then do it again. So i haven’t Contributed as much as i should. This is just kind of new to me so i have to get some time to get more comfortable with it. But my main concern is that i smoke marijuana and i want to know if it would effect my PE process in any way. I’ve actually jelqued once while under the influence of marijuana. So if any one can help me out with this question please do so i will be very grateful. Thank You.

do NOT jelq with erection’s harder then ~80%.
do NOT jelq with injured schlong.
do work as intense as possible without injuring your schlong.
do test you limits but do it carefully and slowly.

This is what I can contribute with at the time.
Hope it’s correct atleast.

Thanx for the info but it didnt answer my main concerned question.

I don’t think smoking a bit of grass is going to do you any harm on the PE front but unless you have a high tolerance its probably best to wait 30mins after a joint before PEing.

Thanx alot for ur feed back momento. I hope your right.

Originally Posted by Renegade523
Thanx for the info but it didnt answer my main concerned question.

I used to do it all the time, some of my greatest work outs I thought. No worries, enjoy the smoke….never pass up KB, one day you will quit smoking and wish you had smoked more good stuff…..or maybe that’s just me.


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