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Drying paint? Or Dysmorphia?

Drying paint? Or Dysmorphia?

I’m a few months deep into the Newbie Routine after messing around for years doing PE on and off. I’ve finally found time to commit to it properly. In the past few months my ruler has been telling me that I am in fact growing. (around 0.400 of an inch in the past few months).

My issue is this, I don’t feel like I am growing, I mean I’ve noticed flaccid gains, which are present even on rest/decon days. But when erect I don’t feel it has gotten all that bigger. It doesn’t feel any longer, nor heavier. I don’t know if 0.400 is substantial enough to even notice?

Has anyone else dealt with the same? I mean, I am measuring as accurately as possible. I take three measurements and average them every time and I also try to keep my member, my head and the floor in parallel to avoid parallax error.

P.S I didn’t know how to search for this topic, so if anyone could point me to a similar thread I’d rather read that than bother you all.


I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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That is precisely why accurate and consistent measurements are important. You can fool your eyes and your mind, but the ruler doesn’t lie. Trust the ruler, and congrats on the gains!

This is something I have had an issue with as well, particularly with regard to length. I don’t feel like it is any longer, and I’m not sure how accurate my oldest measurements are. I wish I had just practiced measuring quite often early on to get consistent with it. It wasn’t until later that I went on a few week stretch of measuring 2-3 times a week to verify in my own mind that my measurements were accurate and consistent. Now when I take my measurements, I feel more confident that they reflect any actual changes that have occurred, despite what I think in my own mind.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if the girth gains are just disguising any length gains I may have achieved. The simplest solution would be to take before and after pictures, though I personally don’t want to keep pictures of my penis sitting around anywhere.

163 x 122 (6.42" x 4.80") - May 2012

181 x 142 (7.13" x 5.59") - September 2014

204 x 153 (8.00" x 5.75") - Goal

I’ve got pictures, but It just looks like the same penis and I keep thinking if I super imposed one on top of the other using the ruler as a guide, they’d look the same…

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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