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Dry workouts

Dry workouts

OK for several reasons I have decided to work out my dick dry now.

1. Is working out dry as effective as working out with lubricants?
2. If not, how much can I gain with a dry routine?
3. Any dry routines?

1. Yes, but it’s less irritating if you have loose skin.

2. Everyone is different. Your gains cannot be predicted, but jelqing dry works as well as wet.

3. See RB’s posts in this thread.

Hanging, stretching, dry jelqing, variants of squeezing procedures, etc.

I don’t like the mess that lube leaves, so I only mess with it when I pump—and I always take a bath when I’m done, so it’s no big deal. Other than that, I do everything dry, unless I do some wet jelqs before and/or after I pump, as I all ready have the lube applied.

Besides, I really can’t afford to buy lube all the time. I’ve been trying to save up so I can buy a bib starter, and I’m so damn broke that even a cheap tube of lube from Wal Mart can compromise me for the week. :/ Today I checked my savings jar and saw that I finally have a enough to buy a bib after almost a year of saving a quarter, dime, dollar here and there. I’m excited.

To answer your other questions, I don’t think a dry workout would reduce your gains, as long as you’re giving your unit a workout that matches what you would have been doing while wet.

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