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Dry vs wet jelqs, over vs 'under' hand

Dry vs wet jelqs, over vs 'under' hand

Yes, the age old question.almost a cliche..

Dry vs wet jelqs. Is it a matter of individualistic preference or does one really work better than the other?
Additionally, the question of overhand jelqing vs ‘underhand’ jelqing comes to mind.

I, personally, prefer overhand jelqing and mix dry with wet jelqs in any one session.

What do you guys think? Which combination worked/works for you?

I think under hand (palm facing body) might be more likely to work your dick into an up curve.

I heard someone talking about dry jelqing worked better for girth and vice verse (or else it was opposite, but I think this makes sense)

Actually I do overhand with my left and underhand with my right. I think dry is just uncomfortable.

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