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Dry vs. Wet Jelq

Dry vs. Wet Jelq

Just recently joined even though I have been reading the site for nearly a month. Does it seem to anyone that more uncircumcised guys prefer dry jelq vs. Wet and vice versa for the circumcised guys? I am circumcised and dry jelqing is very painful when I try it. Just seemed like something I noticed on the site, anyone notice more gains from one or the other?

I’m also circumcised, and I don’t do dry jelqs at all, just seems unnecessary to me. Wet jelqs are good and effective, whereas I think us cut guys have a lot more difficulty with dry jelqs than uncut guys, and a lot less effectiveness.

Just my 2 cents.

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I’m uncircumcised and have gotten the most gains from wet jelqing.

I just didn’t find dry to be as effective. it felt like I was just moving the skin around and it didn’t give me the same “pump.”

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Im circumcised and i feel more ‘moving’ inside with dry jelqs. Cant comment on the gains though.

I can’t comment on gains either, but I’m uncut and find that dry jelqing is much easier for me, especially since it’s low maintenance and doesn’t make a mess (my early attempts at wet jelqing with baby lotion were nothing short of disasters). Maybe I just hadn’t mastered it, but it definitely felt like my wang was too slick and I couldn’t get a good enough grip to move the blood inside.

But I couldn’t imagine dry jelqing without my foreskin. It definitely seems to act as a substitute for lubricant, much like it does during masturbation.

I’m circumsised and I only do dry Jelqs. No mess :) .

I’ve also made some gains, but we’ll see how it goes in the long run.


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Originally Posted by Mjolnir
I’m uncircumcised and have gotten the most gains from wet jelqing.

I just didn’t find dry to be as effective. It felt like I was just moving the skin around and it didn’t give me the same “pump.”

Hey, I was looking at the stats in your sig. What did you do to gain the 2” of girth ? I’ve been PEing for nearly a year now and have only managed 0.25” girth in that time.

Staying on topic. I only ever wet jelq, dry does not feel effective at all. I’m uncut (well my foreskin covers half of my head, I’m guessing that is a natural thing although I have never asked my parents if I was half circed at all)

I pull alot of skin up when Im jelqing dry so I always have to stop 1 inch before my glans, other then that its ok.

I’m cut too, so I don’t feel comfortable with dry jelq.

Hmm.from these responses I guess it’s not a cut vs. Uncut thing and more of just how much extra skin you have on your penis. With dry jelqing I just feel like I’m moving my skin all around lol.

I’m circumcised and do both. For me, I feel the wet jelq is more effective, because I can jelq the whole length of my penis up to the glans.

With a dry jelq it is more like an Uli for me; still effective but in a different way. I tend to do dry jelqs more as ‘jelq squeezes’.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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My experience is almost identical to firegoat’s, with the difference that I am uncut.

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