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Dry or wet


Originally Posted by saen
My hands slide more easy over the shaft while wet jelqing so it feels more comfortable, its doesn’t hurt your skin when you dry jelq?
I’ll give it at try again later on, now you started me to think I do something wrong :) )

Haha I don’t mind wet jelqs, I’m comfortable with them but dry jelqs I find give me a much more successful train, I feel plump and thick after them. Give them another try if you want, up to you, and I’m sure you aren’t doing them wrong, maybe its the angle of your hand? Remember to only use one had when dry jelqing, two hands is just a hassle whereas one hand you can really control it! Good luck!

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
Dry jelqing for life, did wet ones before someone hinted at me how to perform dry ones. Kinda knew it already, but thought that this could not be, it was just too ‘easy’ in my head as I had performed a routine that was dry jelqing with your fingers on the side of the penis, that way pushing the blood where it needed to go. Some ol’ big gainer stealth routine.

Anyway, dry jelqing it is. If you are uncut I really recommend trying it as it’s more intense and less hassle without the constant lubing and wiping off afterwards.

Ah you’re a legend. I agree with you completely! Good luck with your gains dude!


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