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Dry Jelquing- Advice Needed

Dry Jelquing- Advice Needed

Hey everyone,

While I’ve been lurking on the boards for some time now, due to time constraints and other obligations I have’nt been able to fully immerse myself in PE, until now that is. The last week truly marked my beginning and commitment to continuous PE.

Anyways, my question was regarding the method of uncut dry jelquing. I have searched the site and basically found two differing methods: the first is the “sandwich” c-grip style with both hands and the other is the “ok” sign grip, both of which I have tried out and found decent.

Basically, are there any uncut vets who could share how they dry jelq? I think I will continue to dry jelq using the “ok” grip and palm down but I was wondering if anybody has any other methods?

Thanks in advance!

I apologize for the double post, but I just wanted to clarify my first one. Are there any other methods beyond the standard 2 “ok” grips and the “c-grip” and also what have veterans found to work the best? Which method do most uncut PE’ers use and have you seen any results?

Thanks again.

I’m uncut and have found ok-grip dry-jelqs better. Have you seen the video?

I am uncut and have been doing dry jelqs for a long time now. I do the C grip, focusing mainly on the side of the penis and the underside.

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Don’t you have any problems using the c-grip and high erection jelqs?

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Originally Posted by marinera
I’m uncut and have found ok-grip dry-jelqs better. Have you seen the video?

Yeah same here, I feel the ok-grip allows me to apply pressure much better on the shaft. And I did see the video soon after I initially posted this thread, I found it earlier but had some trouble downloading it, thanks.

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