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Dry jelqs

Dry jelqs

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for almost a good 3 months, with a 2 week break period in there. I’ve gained about .5” (4.5) my erections are rock harder than before, I can notice my veins and my penis has a baseball shape to it now. BTW I’ve been doing the newbie routine.

Doing my dry jelqs, I notice the head of my penis would expand, but not all the time. I feel pressure during some jelqs sometimes I don’t even feel anything. My erections are about 50%-70%. Another thing, I hold my penis very hard, like I sqeeze it during the jelq, is that the right thing to do?

June 11, 2007 BPEL: 4" August 21 2007: 4.5" BPEL

Goal: BPEL: 6-7"

You can squeeze it as hard as you want just as long as it doesn’t hurt or cause to much bruising. I suggest doing kegels in between each jelq to keep the penis full of blood while you jelq to get the maximum blood trapped in front of your squeezing hand. That way you feel the pressure every time. Also try doing the jelqs at a higher erection level.

WELCOME libog , good to have you with us.

Congratulations on your gain. You must be doing something right!

When you jelq, be sure that you jelq only up to just below the glans.
Never jelq the glans itself. It is good to keep a strong grasp on your
penis in order to push and hold the blood, but don’t do it so hard that
you will cause any bruising. Also, since you are doing a dry jelq, be
careful not to cause friction that can cause blisters, etc. Are you
cut or uncut?

Remember to do the kegels, as mentioned by otis bruno.
You say that you jelq at a 50% - 70% erection which is in the normal
jelqing zone of erection. If you are interested in gaining length, I understand that it is better to jelq at an erection of 60%. Try this for
awhile and see what happens. Also, try WET jelqs some of the time,
alternating between DRY and WET. A change in doing things sometimes
helps and keeps from getting boring.

Why not complete your PE Statistics and your Routine. It is a good way
of keeping a record of your progress and you gains. Enter info about
every 2 weeks or every 30 days.

Good Luck and Good PEing.

Started 4/9/07: Bpel 4.438 Eg 3.750 - Fl 3.750 Fg 3.500

Now 07/08/09: Bpel 5.625 Eg 5.875 Fl 4.625 Fg 5.813....Goal: Bpel 7.500 Eg 6.500 - Fl 5.500 Fg 6.000

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Ok thanks for the replies!

Yes I am cut, and I do the kegel every time. Another question, do I maintain the grip when I return to the base of the penis?

June 11, 2007 BPEL: 4" August 21 2007: 4.5" BPEL

Goal: BPEL: 6-7"

Well, I find it easier to ease up, slide the shaft skin back towards the base and resume the grip for a new dry jelq. Holding down hard while trying to get your hand back would squash the shaft, I think?

regards, mgus

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Awesome thanks, been doing it with a little less grip and it feels better now.

June 11, 2007 BPEL: 4" August 21 2007: 4.5" BPEL

Goal: BPEL: 6-7"

I start the grip mid-shaft, so I can ‘slide’ the skin back and forth with no noticeable stretching.

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