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Dry jelqs to the rescue

Dry jelqs to the rescue

I almost got caught in the act this morning during my brief AM routine of 10-15 jelq with some uli thrown in. Now, my wife does know that I mess around with PE and, once, after banging her really good, I showed her how I do a dry jelq but she doesn’t know that I have a “routine” that I go through, especially and AM/PM ritual. Anyway, she said that she had to get up earlier than usual today because she’s going on a field trip with her class that she teaches. I usually do my AM routine before she gets up, so, as usual I went downstairs and started my stretching then moved on to dry jelqing. Sometimes I do wet jelq but today, since she was up and prowling around the house, I decided I better go dry today. Good thing I did because about 8 minutes in, she came flying down the stairs to go to our laundry room while I was in the next room with the door open. I quickly “re-arranged” myself and got away with it. She popped in to say hey and then left the room, then I resumed the routine. Now, I probably could have gotten away with it doing wet jelqs, but it was so much easier not having a sticky mess to deal with. Dry jelqs bailed me out this morning.

Dry jelqs rule! That was the very reason I started doing them. Little did I know that they work far better for me than wet jelqs.


Agree :)

They helped me to gain good girth since 4 months.

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