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Dry Jelqing with Glans Ring?

Dry Jelqing with Glans Ring?

Recently I experimented with glans ring (bought from a hardware shop). It wasn’t tight fitting, in fact it is very loose in the flaccid state. In the erect state, the ring will fit firmly around my glans. Well, so to say, as I was aiming for bigger glans, I tried jelqing with the glans ring on. Got the idea from a similar method using condom rim at…oom-headed-dick!

The pressure was very intense and my glans enlarges very much. The glans swell persisted long even after I took out the ring, even in the flaccid state. It did hurt slightly at the frenulum as I’m uncut, but after a slight adjustment, the pain disappeared. Anyone tried this before? At this juncture, I’ll will still consider myself as a newbie as I’m still doing manual exercises without even thinking of advanced stuff. Is it suitable for a newbie? Is it dangerous? I’m sure it will not cause my glans to explode, but is there any other side effects?

One side effect might be that you can’t get the ring off and it has to be cut off, so it’s worth being very careful with something that is hard to remove and may cause swelling beyond the point where is sits.

Even if you think the ring you are using is safe because it can be easily removed, then a maximum time of 20 minutes should be used for safety. Swelling isn’t necessarily useful. There are many pumpers who are hooked to getting as much swelling as possible but this isn’t effective penis enlargement.

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Having a ring stuck on my member is scary, to say the least. I tried it on my shaft, it was just too difficult to get it off safely. That’s why I decided to use it as a glans ring instead. But still it could damage my frenulum. Just wanna clear my mind over this. Guess I’ll keep my experiments to minimum and will abide by that 20 minutes mark. Thank you!

I think it just gets in the way of performing proper jelq technique. Leave it off.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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