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Dry Jelqing Problems

Dry Jelqing Problems

Ive wanted to incorporate dry jelqing into my routine for a while now, so today i gave it a try, warmed up for 5 minutes, and then did 100 dry jelqs (no lubricant or anything, just dry skin) - it didn’t feel as good or ‘right’ as wet jelqing, I’m also getting a lot of friction and it feels like I’m really stretching the skin on my unit, am i doing it wrong? or is there more to dry jelqing than I’m assuming?

Thanks in advance


Try baby powder. I’ve always dry jelqed, and I only use one hand. Your skin will get used to it. Do u have a fat pad? Is it stretching the skin from that area? I have a bit of a fat pad, I grab my shaft about a 1/3rd of the way up then pull back down, then i start. It hasn’t stretched my skin, it will feel a little raw for the first few days or weeks. I can attribute all my girth gains to it. I have done 100 per p.e. workout since I started. I grab both sides with about 70% erection level and force the blood up, note that I said “sides”. I really dont think you want to dry jelq the top or bottom, much like clamping. I hope this helps you out bob8.

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I don’t think baby powder will help the situation too much! wont that make it dry and harder to jelq?? the skin that i feel a real big stretch is on my shaft itself - a bit of friction burn (because I’m used to wet jelqing)

I was just wondering if this is a natural feeling for dry jelqers out there??

Yea I dry Jelq with a 100% erection it’s pretty darn great.

Your not suppose to get anything close to friction when you dry Jelq. When you do a wet Jelq you literally slide your hand along the surface of the skin until you reach the top. When you dry Jelq you grip the skin and move your hand along with the skin your gripping to the top. It’s not sliding along the skin. I think your trying to slide along the skin.

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bigtiny454 and bigandbulky I think have explained it well. However I personally don’t know about the baby powder. I use to only do wet jelq but now I only dry jelq. Bigtiny454 is right about griping about 1/3 of the way up the shaft then pulling the skin down to start the dry jelq. That’s how I eliminated my big stretching feeling. And definitely don’t try to slide you fingers along the shaft for dry jelq’s like you do with wet jelq’s. Personally, that stretching feeling definitely makes the jelq’s feel awkward and not as effective.

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Baby powder will give you a good grip and if your grip slips it won’t “burn”/hurt. I also use baby powder when stretching, it feels so much better and I get a firmer grip.

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