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Dry jelq

Dry jelq

Hey everyone this is like my new years resolution! Anyways I started last Tuesday I tried dry jelqing for the first time it was interesting but it didn’t feel no different then spankin it.. I must be doing something wrong;shouldn’t I feel a tightness in the head of my tool? Also I read somewhere about doing a morning AND nighttime session is this necessary? Or just for more advanced PE’ers? Any feedback’s appreciated.

Jelq shouldn’t feel like “spankin it”. So, you either masturbate very hard, or jelq very light. Dry jelq isn’t different from wet jelq, and there’s a lot of threads about the tightness of the jelq grip. So making a search will give you the answer. And you can watch the videos if you hadn’t yet.

And the morning and night sessions aren’t necessary, even if you’re advanced PEer. Some people prefers it because they don’t have a time for one, long session, or it worked better for them this way.

Yea I made use of the search engine shortly after I posted this thread kind of a dee-de-dee. Thanks for the quick reply.

I used to wet jelq, but dry jelqing is not messy and I find it to be easier.

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You’re welcome, BAckwoods.

I’m currently doing a small number of dry jelq (along with a main stretching routine) and seem to have good and bad PI on growth. My cock hangs much lower and is very full and “Fluffed” all day

However, I feel it takes a big toll on my health of my cock. I just do a 1on1off routine with the dry jelq with only 55 reps per session. Still it’s not giving me the crazy strong morning erections. Does give me a very fat looking cock though.

I know I’m not over-training. Only doing like 150 reps per week!

Maybe my grip is to tight?

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Takes time and experimentation to find your groove. Jelqing can be quite taxing, not damaging, to the tool if done correctly. My jelq is NOTHING like wanking it. When I’m done, I know that I have worked my penis. I have had great success with jelqing, but 15-20 minutes every other day has been my groove. Yours may be different, but it took a bit to find the best combination of grip, lube, pre-warm, stroke tempo and frequency.

It’s easy to over do it with jelqing. You want to get maximum result with minimum effort. Why jelq twice a day every day if 20 minutes in the evening every other day gives good PI’s? Start slow and work up, stimulate expansion, not erection!

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