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Dry Jelq or Wet Jelq

Dry Jelq or Wet Jelq

I have been doing the newbie routine, but for the most part have done Dry jelqs because it is less messy (lol) and I can fit my routine in at most parts of the day. Are dry jelqs ok to do? I get the little red dots at the tip of the glans, but the go away. I haven’t had any bruising or discomfort, other then a bit of soreness in the begining. Will dry jelqs give more length, or girth? Or does it help both? I like how the dry jelq feels, but wondering should I do split routine to take advantage of both? How important are the kegals afterward? Some times I forget to do them. Also some of my warmups are to massage my penis to almost full erect, then let it subside. Is this ok. I don’t always use the warm up of heat. When is the best time to get gain measurements, after a routine, or on an off day?

Sorry for all the questions I just want to make sure I get the best results I can.

Some people have gotten great results with dry jelqs and prefer them.

Find out what works best for you.

Best of luck!

I also startend like you. No real warm up, dry jelq because it is less messy. And probably not even finishing the whole routine too haha. But I got pains after dry jelqing 5 days in a row. Although I did see some results. So after a while I started using proper warm ups and did wet jelqs. It felt a lot more comfortable and I didn’t have any pains after. But just like DGA said, find out what works best for you! My advise would be, use less oil or whatever, to make wet jelqs less messy

A warm up is a must for every session.

Yeah.. Warmup is a must for about 5-10 min with some light massage and light stretches before your workout..

You do not want to injure your self!

Take care

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Heat is the key!

You want at least 24 hours rest in between routines.

To warm up you can do the warm/hot water wet cloth wrapped around your penis. I like the method where you take a cup and fill it with warm/hot water and stick your penis in the water and if your in the shower you could also have the warm/hot shower water going on top of your penis and filling the cup constantly. Some people heat up rice in a sock or something and use that. Some people use a heating lamp. Ect

I recommend you use one of the heat up methods in the top of this post because the heat up will prevent an injury. Dry jelqs are more harder to do and more likely to get an injury from them. Do a heat down to to relax your penis even more and to speed up recovery. Burst-ed capillaries are the red dots, they can take around 2 days to heal and if they are big and/or purple or brown/black then that is bad. You may want to look into micro-trauma.

Dry jelqs and/or erect jelqs, people say they are more effective in gaining size but also more dangerous. Jelqs were designed to gain girth size with some length too.

I recommend you start off with doing wet jelqs and let the lube dry out. Even once the lube is dry it’s still lubed enough to jelq easily. Repeat the process once your too dry.

Kegels are for improving ejaculation and preventing ejaculation. They may come with other benefits, some people say they can improve erection quality.

After a successful jelq workout, you should see a small temporary size increase, you should also have a nice plump flaccid with that temporary size increase.ect. Good signs are improved erection quality and you may see small permanent gains every 2-4 weeks at least.

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