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Dry Jelq or Wet Jelq and hand positions


Originally Posted by koolaid11
I’ve been trying to add in dry jelqs but I, too, have some problems. I have a circumcised penis and have trouble with tight skin. I go deep into the fat pad when I start but after 2-3 strokes, my fingers are near the middle of my penis. It doesn’t help that I’m not that big when I’m 50%~ erect. And it feels awkward and tight when I jelq. Like the glans area of my penis is getting squashed during dry jelqs. Any tips?

Hey koolaid! (I always wanted to say that…)

I’m cut also, but it shouldn’t have any effect here. Do you regrip completely for each stroke? I do, and this lets me push all the way up into the fat pad again. I go as deeply as possible every time, and it pulls the skin tight on the shaft and head but that is relieved as soon as I start Jelqing out. I try to do this regrip move as quickly as possible, and I Kegel hard while un-gripped to keep the blood flowing into my penis. I also start each stroke with a stretch, gripping the sides of the penis as hard as I can and stretching/pulling on the inner penis for a second or two before letting it slide outward for the Jelq. I think this is an awesome exercise: it has become the core of my routine and given me very positive PIs. I even love to sneak into the bathroom at work and do 5 minutes of this in the middle of the day: I just love the way it makes my penis feel.

The glans should be expanding as much as possible. It should be full and have a shiny appearance: this indicates that you are properly trapping the blood. I’m not that big at 50% either, although since I’ve begun these deep pressed jelqs I notice that within a dozen or so strokes my flaccid size gets much larger. When I am done with a routine like this I can actually end up with a temporary hang that is almost erect length and very full, it’s just not erect.

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Same problem

Hay how are you? I have the exact same problem. Keep up faith never let your problem get you down.


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