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Drink Lots of Water !!


newby guy….ready to chime in on the water thing.
drink water. plenty of water. my wife had some depression issues at one time. her water intake ( and fluids in general) was way to low. she started to beat depression by walking a mile a day on her lunch break and drinking at least 1/2-1 gallon of water a day…what a difference!.

i noticed a lot of good things as well when i stopped drinking so much beer ( almost a six pack a day) cut my caffiene pop intake and got heavier on water/black tea/and diluted gatorade. i lost beer weight (hops contain some plant estrogens, thus ‘mantitties’ and stuff) and had some more energy.

the other part for losing weight is to do the models trick of drinking ice water. your body has to burn calories to warm the water to a usable temp in the body. just remember not to cool off to quick when you are working out. keep beverages about room temp or a tad cooler when your body temp is high from exercise.


Oldby guy..ready to ask yet another newby guy to read the Forum Guidelines. Click the faq button at the top of any page to access the Guidelines. You seem to have a keyboard with a defective shift key, might want to get that looked at.

Anyway, welcome to the forums!

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Good advice, going to start drinking only water from now on.

Well it’s been almost 3 months of drinking lots of water and the results are very positive. I encourage everyone to start (at least 6 glasses a day) and stay away from pop, juice, and even coffee. Try to get some cardio exercise in each week as well.

Drinking more water is definitely beneficial to health

Many chemicals in water can be removed by using a charcoal filter. In the UK we can buy the filters that absorb the chemicals, and can control hard water (It doesn’t remove the hard water salts, it just makes them less sticky so they don’t form scale in normal boiling) They must be available in the States. (if not they are big business over here!)


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