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Downward Curve and "Rocket Penis"

Downward Curve and "Rocket Penis"

Hello everyone,

I joined this site a few years back, at the time I was just over 5 inches, so below-average. I have gotten to 5.75 inches, so decent gains but VERY inconsistent in terms of routine and dedication.

After 2 years in a junior college and 2 years working to support my parents and siblings, I’m finally going to live in a University and finish my degree. I’m already working out so come January 2012, I want to look good and be packing.

But some notes on my penis. I have a downward curve. I think it’s a result of wearing tightly-whiteys (lol) as a teenager and getting about 100 erections a day. One girl I was with also described my penis as a “rocket” because, say I’m laying on my back, my dick doesn’t fall back on my stomach. It stays standing straight up, sort of leaning on the upper part of my shaft.

I’m not sure of this is a good thing or bad, but anything out of the ordinary makes me a bit self-conscious. The upper part of my shaft, specifically the closer it gets to my body gets VERY stiff and I feel that it may “break” during sex sometimes.

I feel that my shaft is “stiff” and can be stretched. My question is, does a downward curve require a different approach to PE? Can it be straightened?

And should I be concerned that my penis maintains an upward pose even if I’m lying on my back?

Many questions here.

Firstly, this is off-topic but I just wanted to say ‘More power to you’ on finishing your education. I wish you success.

There is nothing wrong with a downward curve. You can hit her G spot doggie style. I have a slight upward curve. Some guys have a side curve. All totally normal. It is probably the guy with absolutely no curve at all who is in the minority.

When I was a teen/young man, I had the ‘rocket’ thing going on, too. When standing, it would point upward at a 45 degree angle. When doing it cowgirl style, I preferred that my partner lean forward a little bit. This changed with age. I believe what you have is normal and will also change with age. (depressing, huh?)

As for straightening it out, yes, through PE it can probably be straightened out, but, unless it’s seriously interfering with your love life, I wouldn’t worry about it.

In the meantime, hit those books so you can get a good paying job and bang the really hot chicks with your new enlarged tool.


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