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Doubts about Penimaster traction level.

Doubts about Penimaster traction level.

Hello everyone. I just received my Penimaster today and I just tried it on. But I have a doubt.

My flaccid lenght varies from 2 to 3 inches. I used the device so my penis would stretch to 4inches and I don’t see a way it can stretch any further.

The thing is that the traction notches don’t move and stay on the last mark, so supossedly I’m getting no traction force on my penis even if it’s stretched.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Do you see all the markings(tension), right? Sure,that means no tension.
Do you warm up? If not, do that.

There are 2 ways for this: 1)After you’ve put on your extender and wear it 4 inches just as you said, unscrew the threads so it elongate and you could reach tension
2)Set the rods a little longer than 4 inches and when you want to put it on your penis compress the rods so they can lower to adjust to your penis, when you’re in the extender, release the rods and if there’s no more stretchable penis you’ll get tension

Also , you need to know that you must take it slow,small steps. At first you should accustome to the device. Don’t rush things.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Thanks Alin! Ill try this tonight. =) Do you have experience with this or a similar device?

Yes, I’m also using the penimaster for a couple of weeks :)

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Hi Alin. Some more questions. : ) Yesterday I used the device for about an hour and the head of my penis got a little bit cold and felt a little bloated. No changes of color, no pain, just that. Is this normal?
Also, today I didn’t manage to put the darn thing on. I have to use the comfort band to keep the clamp things from pinching the skin, and then it gets to thick to pass the tips of the fastening belt through the holes easily. This morning it just got me frustrated. So do you use the device as it came in the package or did you do some of the modifications mentioned around the site?


I have essentially the same extender and I don’t use it now because I hang instead. However, I picked up a tip on this site to prevent the noose from strangulating your penis head. Get some Coban non stick tape and wrap a few times at the bottom of the head and the shaft immediately below. Right where the noose would go. Then wrap a little ace bandage around too. Both of these things can be found at a pharmacy or amazon,etc.. Make sure you can see your glans poking out so you can monitor and make sure its not turning weird colors on you. Put the noose over this and its much more comfortable and with better traction.

I think extenders could work but I honestly cannot devote hours a day wearing something clearly visible. So instead I’ve gone to hanging for a shorter period with higher weights and then a vac ADS. Hope this helps.

Belbo, I use cotton gauze not the “comfort silicon band” the penimaster came with it. I also tried a baby sock to wrap , but found out cotton gauze is better. You need to work on the length,width of it,though, to see what suits you. The first day I received my penimaster, I thought it was a joke to try and wear it that long.

You have to see the base of the glans when you wear it. If you don’t see it, it means is slipping and if you let it it will also hurt. Don’t let your penis head get cold(cool is ok), dark purple or numb(very bad). I have 4 notches on each side of the strap. Sometimes I remove a notch on one side of the strap to ease a bit if I see the head is changing color.

Good luck.

e211, how long did you use the PM ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Probably wore it about a month. At first I thought I really hurt my penis with the was painful to wear. My EQ suffered. Towards the end I started wrapping with the coban and ace wrap and it was a lot more comfortable and gave a good stretch. I definitely think it can work but I just didn’t have the private time to wear it enough. That’s why I went with my new plan which is to do a fairly heavy hanging set and then wear the Vac ADS to keep it stretched. So far so good. Make sure no matter what you are doing you check your penis/glans frequently because stretching can numb nerves and you may not know you’ve done something bad until its too late

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