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Doubts about PE.Lets do the 100 day Experiment to find out if it really works


Originally Posted by Tombig123
Ok I will not say anything more.. I respect the time you guys put into this and ill be glad to donate alot of money if it works. But please dnt take the langauge barriers as arrogance, it cross culture misunderstanding .. To me it was very rude to get so upset at me for just trying to give new people common ground, just because I dnt trust you fully now does not mean I won’t ,it just means that like most I’m scared of being mislead there cannot be such a huge problem in just trying something.. But if you wish you may delete this post if it has cause your site to much trouble. I stated mearly my qualifications so that you to know that I’m not a fool, not to say if you dnt have a degree you are one but I could be helpful in away .yes? Ok last post I do have a life you know

Why the hell are you talking about your degree all the time dude? Do you think you are the only one here who has a degree? In this forum, out of 135k people, there should be thousands with a masters degree (including me) and hundreds with phd. Better piss off.

04.27.2009: 6 x 4.5 (BP)

12.01.2009: 7.5 x 5 (BP)

Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

Tombig, you don’t get it! You are not the first to have doubts and wanting to get sure. What you don’t understand is that you are like one trying to prove the Earth is round, because you are not sure and you don’t know others already did it.

Feel free to do statistic analysis. There were more people on this site doing it, myself included. Please discover this site and make some search (with the search tool, top-right) using “statistics” as keyword. Then, if you find something not already analysed, do it yourself. The data base of Thunders is really impressive: Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Originally Posted by Cyclope
Why the hell are you talking about your degree all the time dude? Do you think you are the only one here who has a degree? In this forum, out of 135k people, there should be thousands with a masters degree (including me) and hundreds with phd. Better piss off.

I’ll have my J.D. in two years. Look at me, I’m a big fancy lawyer :-D…or will be, I hope.

Hello ”William”,

I am relatively new to PE as well, joined the forum around 20 of February and started my first exercises on the 23 Feb. However I spent tons of time reading everything I could about PE here till now, yes the evidence shows it worked for many people. I have only finished my my 5th session and already feel a harder stronger penis when erected and I am confident that it will work.

Originally Posted by Tombig123
3) Don’t post your full dick measurements on. No one needs to know you sport an 11” just simply post how much you have gained in length and circumference (that way we stick to what is important and that is gains not how big we are. It also will make you more honest when reporting back)

I believe that the full dick measurement is quite relative. Because in the end all is relative. A 4” inch dick becoming to a 5” is 25% gain in length, While a 6” —> 7.5” is also 25% but this is 1.5” inch vs 1”. My personal belief is that in general big can get bigger easier. I don’t know if this is true or no.

Originally Posted by Tombig123
5) You can join my journey of discovery within 7days of this post , please don’t post results or contribute unless you start this on 10 March 2010 cause then the data we receive will come in batches and go on forever. So if you didn’t start this PE journey of 100day on this date then just follow what the guys are saying and take personal notes until you reach your 100 days .

I have already started so I could apply the 100 day thing, also there are many posts and even excel graphs showing (time and routine) vs (length, girth, flaccid length, etc). By believing that you will grow then you are in a good way.

Some other points:

1) Everything you said about starting slow is true, your body needs time to adjust.

2) How can you fool yourself to 2” inches more? That’s 5 cm.. Unless you are measuring under a big angle placing the ruler on your stomach. I am sure you can distinguish the difference between measuring straight the length of the dick and measuring the hypotenuse (after all a2 = b2 + c2)
A few mm difference is always acceptable so you can take a 5 measurement average and calculate your length +_ 2-3mm..

Why would want to manipulate your measurement? It’s like having a $100 note and changing it to a hundred $1 notes to convince yourself that your richer. Or something like that.

Good luck with the quest.

Stop and think about it. What do we have to gain by lying about PE? How much money did you pay to join? What are the monthly fees? Material charges to buy our “special and magic” potions and equipment that ” only we have”?

Use your head here, you pay nothing, we sell nothing and are very careful not to let any push any product on any of our members. What do you think the possible gains we have here by lying to you?

The doubts come from guys that haven’t had success, but yet you have far more guys writing here about success than guys who haven’t. That doesn’t mean most guys make gains, it means that gains are certainly possible, right?

Does everyone gain? No. Is it possible for everyone to gain? Theoretically yes. What my experience has shown me is that there is a percentage that gain easily with minimal knowledge. On the other end of the spectrum is those that haven’t gained, and then everyone else in between.

For those that haven’t gained, there is also a spectrum of those that don’t gain for a long time,but keep studying and eventually have success. Even some Moderators fall into that category, and make very good Tutors because it forced them to become very knowledgeable in-order to overcome their difficulties.

On the other end of that subgroup of “hard gainers” are those that just give up after some period of time. Guaranteed those will never see gains.

So, as with anything that may be difficult, you greatly enhance your chances of success by adopting an attitude not of “if” this will work, but ” I won’t quit until it DOES work for ME!”

I have been a Mod long enough that I no longer have any patience for the “if” crowd, and save my efforts for those that show the determination to make it work but are struggling.

If its not worth a determined attitude to you, its certainly not worth it for me to invest time in you.

I have zero interest in convincing anyone here that it can work, that is self evident if you just take a moment and use some logic. I will continue to help those that are convinced it can work and are struggling to find a method that will make it work for them.

I love skeptics. I’m one myself. I know beyond a doubt though that my 1.25” increase in girth is far from a side effect of better erectile function. I say welcome aboard. I often have to re word what I say before I say it due to my very ”straight forward” attitude. No need to make promises in advance for a potential outcome either. Do yourself a favor and spend 100 days or so educating yourself first, THEN put together a program of some sort based on what you want most currently. Length or girth for example. Be willing to accept in advance as well that, you may not gain a thing your first 100 days. (Why 100?? Most months are in 30-31 day increments)

By the way, if you spend any amount of time around a PE forum, you will find your share of many different types of persona. Some seem to merely be living an odd fantasy of sorts vicariously through the internet. Some seem genuine and despite never proving themselves, develop a following because the information the give is good and helpful. Some also walk the walk and talk the talk, as well as back up what they say with proof that is beyond a doubt, legit.

Welcome aboard, good luck and feel free to ask when in doubt.

Previously banned as stillwantmore, among other aliases.

Read for the sake of clarification

I am not one to say I am never wrong.. So the men who are saying things in a calm manner I thank you for your perspectives on the issue.

It was not my intention to design a program merely for members to follow one of their own choices using the body of knowledge on the site.
This could allows for results to be obtained from multiple sources hence if the validity of such programmes can be proven,
If PE is possible ( I believe it is from reading up on the physiology of the human body) then it can serve as a platform.
The platform will also allow for sceptics who don’t think it’s possible at all yet desire to fulfil their ambitions to see that many people who were new and had doubts
(I’m sure everyone must have when they start ) where able to enlarge and hence they will become more proactive in their PE program with this confidence .

I apologise for the use of poor English but the language barrier as well as my desire to communicate the message at a basic reading level had clouded my professionalism. I understand this frustration.

I will work on PE for the next hundred days and report fully on the progress. If no results are obtained it does not automatically
Mean that I will end my efforts. If a large number of new members also do PE for 100days then report back it would be logical that a number of them have experiences gains.
Reading extensively on the topic it has become clear that some men obtain results faster than others.

If this is proven true then those who do not gain will know that further effort is needed and not just to give up.
This variation (Y) in growth pattern would be natural given that around the regression line there are aggregations that do not follow the
General trend (Y variables), hence they are scattered across the XY plain. The larger our sample size the greater the accuracy of our predictions can be.
When using such large numbers we can come to more scientific based explanation on the issue such as why people gain and other don’t; we know that Y (the gains)
Are affected by the independent variable X (PE programmes) yet there must be factors that influence Y outside of the multiple regression model that is the (you-variables).
I believe that the scientific community has not investigated this topic adequately due to the taboo nature of the issue.

That being said I will undertake my study regardless of critics. Hopefully this will help me and others who are reserved on the topic.
I take note that time specified may not be long enough and hence will extend the project to 12 month.
I believe that PE works based on the information gathered on the topic and the large number of men claiming success but I need to prove this to myself and to others. It is in my nature to do so.

Thank you for your input.

Just do the newbie routine, and see what kind of results you get. I read A LOT on this site before I really got into it. I’m still in the newbie routine phase, but I can clearly see, and feel results because of it. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the schedule, but it’s obvious this works.

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

Originally Posted by Luka89
That is not our job here, the job is to tell people what they did wrong that they evade doing the same mistakes in the future. It’s the same as telling you would fix all the shit your son makes in his whole life. I mean you would get sick of all that, right? That was only metaphorically speaking.

Yup, oh I agree and disagree.

For one I was joking around, but let’s pretend I wasn’t, because I love tangents lately.

Formatting is different from editing and it depends entirely on the stream of content and the moola involved. Publications generally need editors or really good writers submitting their articles. Then there’s people who format them into various media’s. This piece was perfectly acceptable, he did have a header, and numbers to indicate a list. I just like the use of those tags. Of course, teaching how to do rather than doing for is always the better option, I just love formatting the stuff I read though.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Originally Posted by Tombig123
I believe that the guys on here , who run the show, are good people trying to help out

Well thanks, I guess.

Originally Posted by Tombig123
maybe 100day is not alot

It isn’t. But if you have a bunch of guys doing this with you then 100 days probably would work. Assuming that you all stick with it and are honest in your reporting. Lets say that 50% have 0 gains or gains under 1/8” so it is hard to tell if it is only changes in how you measure. If you get 12 guys to do this and 6 have noticeable gains would you be willing to agree that something is going on? But if that were the case then shouldn’t the thousands of guys that have already gained mean something to you?

I really think that, unless and until you gain, PE will remain a fiction. That is OK, plenty of guys have that attitude until they gain that first 1/4”. Then you can’t shut them up!

Originally Posted by Tombig123
And I’m sorry for the english not being to good but not all of us on here are english some people speak other lauguages you try write this in french see how far you get.

If I had to write this in Français it wouldn’t get very far. :rolleyes: If I were to attempt writing in your language I would most certainly avail myself of a spell check. Our rules requiring spell check use is mostly for the benefit of non-English speakers after all.

Originally Posted by Cyclope
Why the hell are you talking about your degree all the time dude?

Part of my degree(s) is in abby-normal psychology. And yes actually, it has served me well in these forums. (:

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
And arrogant assholes don’t last long around here. Well, other than me that is.

The name of the forums counts as fair warning to the new guys in my opinion. :shrugs:

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Good luck with your 100 day trial Tom. Oh and people here do like to mention their size, so don’t feel insecure or anything. I think it’s to compare with others and like validity. Imagine someone posts pictures a year later at like 8inches and they had never stated there starting size, people could be mistaken that the guy gained alot when in reality it was very little.

If people are anything like me which I know some are, I mean hell we’re all guys, we all want to be the biggest(The majority at least) and if you work hard, putting loads of time and effort into getting great gains why not flaunt a little?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I’m not happy. You are coming off as an arrogant asshole. And arrogant assholes don’t last long around here. Well, other than me that is. So my advice is to drop your attitude.

I laughed out loud. Watch out Thunder and his goons (The MOD’s) runs a tight ship around here. It really is a good thing or this place would be very unpleasant and chaotic so just fall in line Soldier!

Originally Posted by Audacia
Watch out Thunder and his goons (The MOD’s) runs a tight ship around here. It really is a good thing or this place would be very unpleasant and chaotic so just fall in line Soldier!

You got that right, and trust me on this one. I saw a lot of forums that are in big chaos, there are mods and all but nobody gives a shit. They don’t ban people, they have rules and nobody follows them and every thread is based on members going berserk on other members - talking trash. It is actually very sad. That is one of the main Croatian forums for basically all the things. Every damn thread is fuck you, suck my dick, your mother is a hooker, die fucking asshole etc. I really don’t understand it, if I was a mod there I would ban half of the form. Well who gives a damn, I’m a mod here and I love this place. Cheerful and refreshing :D

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!


Just try to stay positive and persistent. It is hard to believe the gains that some have made, but I believe they do happen. I have been at this for several months with no gains yet, but they will come. Dont be discouraged if 100 days go by without any gains. You will have to find what works for you. Most of the people here are willing to offer advise when possible. Just dont over do things and watch your PIs.

I am approaching a hundred days of PE and I`m suprised at the gains I`ve had and I`m encouraged to keep up the effort for the long haul. Reading this thread highlights several of the reasons why I believed this would work from the start.

Firstly, the moderators keep the posts in check so that things don`t gravitate to personal attacks like most forums and blogs. Secondly, it became clear from the start that this community is about genuine accomplishment and striving in an area needing discretion and caring support for those starting out. Thirdly, it is clear that there is a great deal of respect shown for those who have made gains and those working hard to get some. Finally, it is clear there are those who are getting remarkable gains and are able to prove it.

Occasionally someone will break cover and exhibit loutish behaviour, but I think that it is mostly their way of dealing with the sheer anxiety of dealing with penis size in an increasingly exhibitionist society. When I was young the media wasn`t doing documentaries on penis size as far as I can recollect. This kind of graphic representation is bound to increase a man`s sensitivity to the size of his penis and provide him the type of anxiety that only women experienced regarding the size of their breasts.

So, I guess in some ways we do have equality between sexes in some areas after all.

Great forum. Have the respect it warrants. I can`t believe my good fortune in discovering this place and all the good people here willing to help and encourage.


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