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Double-Thumb Lock Stretch

Double-Thumb Lock Stretch

Hey everyone, I don’t know if anyone has another name for this, but I found a pretty nice manual stretch technique I’d like to share. I’ve been using it for a bit in the last two months in my “maintenance routine” to cement my gains in the fall. TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL IN MEDICINE, PHYSIOLOGY, ATHLETICS, WORKING OUT, OR PENIS ENLARGEMENT AND AM NOT LIABLE IF YOU POP SOMETHING!

I call it the “Double-Thumb Lock Stretch”, and you’ll see why in a second.

1. Engorge the top half of your penis with blood including the head and side chambers.
2. Using an overhand OK grip, make a tourniquet about mid-shaft. Your thumb should stick straight out.
3. Bend the shaft downwards so that your hand is basically vertical, and the lower half of the shaft is sticking straight out from your body.
4. Make your other hand flat, like you’re going to karate chop something, but with your thumb sticking straight up. Place the tourniquet thumb right at the first knuckle of your karate chop hand.
5. Using the tourniquet thumb as a point of leverage, swing the karate chop hand up and bend the thumb over the top of the shaft. You can get more tension by rotating your hand a bit which should push down with the karate chop hand’s thumb against the top of the shaft.
6. Gently push downwards for about 30 seconds or so at a time.
7. Let everything go and get the blood circulated.

Your shaft should have a double-bend in it, around each thumb. You should be able to definitely feel the tension on all of the tissues there. What’s also nice is that you can change the grip to do left and right side of the unit. If you are long enough, you can do base and mid shaft stretches with this.

Unfortunately, for smaller members, I don’t know if this will work, you need a bit of real estate to get both thumbs in there and maintain a grip on the head and upper shaft half.

This has helped my flaccid hang HUGELY, and also seems to provide some skin stretching. My sack starts like 2” down my shaft so this is a big thing for me to try to get more unobfuscated shaft exposed. It’s purely a “looks” thing on that front. It doesn’t hinder usage of the length during sex.

Anyway, hope that helps someone. Oh, and if there is already a name for this, someone post it so it’s easily referenced.



BTW, I think I screwed up how I wrote that.

Place the karate chop hand first, then swing the OK Grip downwards, that’s your leverage point.

Sorry about that.

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