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Double LOT - is it possible?


Two days into this.

Havig fun.



Are you still doing your PE homework? Remember there is a final exam in a month!

If Silk is caught teasing one more time, I’m sending him down to your office. (LOL)

PE should be fun. It’s going on 3 years for me, and I enjoy it now even more. There’s still more size to gain, more technique and experiments to explore and more forum posts to share.

Have a good one guys!



Are you sure you don’t have two dicks?



Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey bilbo,

Welcome to the forum.

How are you determining your LOT? By feeling the tugback or by seeing the tugback??

What is the right way to determine the LOt? Seeing or feeling?

Seeing. I think.

I was doing something like a DLD blaster this morning, but I’m also working on a slight “kink” in the left side of the tunica, near the base of the shaft. I noticed that my LOT is different if I’m pulling on the left instead of the right. Since LOT is useful for determining the angle of stretching or hanging, it’s useful to hold your shaft out at different angles while figuring your LOT—not just perpendicular to your body.


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