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Dose of Reality

Dose of Reality

So, I, like most of you, am here because of a feeling of inadequacy in my size. I’ve been trying many things to increase length and girth, and have seen some mild success. I was reading a post recently on this site, or one of the others, and saw where a guy compared himself to a toilet paper roll.

Thinking about how this guy must be huge to not fit into a paper roll. So, a few days pass, and I see an empty roll in the bathroom. Thinking I would pass right thru it, my expectations were low. After getting an erection, I realized I could only get the head in. If I pushed really hard and wriggled it around I could get it to go, but by that point I was loosing my erection.

I was blown away. Looking at the roll by itself, I thought wow, it’s really good sized. Buy I don’t see that when I look south.

Right now, I’m 7.375 BPEL 7.875 BPSL 5.875 NBPEL and 5.25 to 5.5 EG.

Fat pad is the only thing that is killing me. I’m 200lbs and 6’0”, pretty solid in every other place.

Anyhow, hope I can help give some perspective to a few of you.

Good luck

Lucky you. It is pretty discouraging being able to fit in a toilet paper roll.


Started: BP 7.1" x 5" MSEG

Now: BP 8 3/16" x 5 1/4" MSEG , 6 1/16" BG (4/29/09)

Goal: BP 9" x 6" MSEG

Yup, your girth is very good. You can wear Magnum condoms easily if you want to.

Losing fat from your body, as you said, will yield visible length gains a lot faster and more easily than PE will. So, try jogging with weights hanging from your cock, and swimming with a pump on ;)

I haven’t tried the TP roll test in quite some time, I’ll have to do that next time I empty one. I remember being a teenager and not fitting into one, I wonder what it’s like now.

8-1-2009: BPEL 7.250 x 5.5

11-1-2009: BPEL 7.750 x 5.875

Goal: 9 x 6.5


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