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dorsal vein or ligament?

dorsal vein or ligament?

Could I be mistaking my dorsal vein for a ligament? Maybe I never payed attention to it, but on the top of my penis now seems to be harder than normal. I can’t tell if this is a vein or ligament. It is close to a quarter inch wide and runs from base to glans. When erect, it is quite hard. Does anyone have a good picture showing a dorsal vein or ligament?

Sounds like a vein. You should check here to see if it might be thrombosed.

Hi Kh,

actually yes. I Know becuse I did most of my life. Not until very recently did I find out it was the ligament and not the vein. Look for the diagrams on Bib’s LOT theory, they will give you a good idea about the dick’s anatomy. By the way the ligament runs for quite some lenght in my dick, almost half. So be careful, read a lot and try to relate yourself to your body.

Take care,

Hog -

His thing runs all the way to the glans. Doesn’t sound like a lig.

In my very limited experience I would say that it could be a vein that has become thrombosed.
If so in my opinion it is best to stop PE (others may disagree).

I have had a thrombosis in my dorsal vein for 8 weeks now and like you was unsure what it was so I carried on PE’ing for 2 weeks.
I have stopped all PE for 45 days now, it kept getting worse for weeks after though and spread to other veins (which was scary), the dorsal vein is still thrombosed but has improved. I am hoping to start PE again in another 5 weeks time.

There is a diagram of the veins of the penis in the link below.

Here is a link that someone sent me that might be useful too.…540&LinkID=1946

Sorry Hog, the suspensory ligament attaches to the base of the penis and doesn’t extend down the shaft. What you may be feeling is the septum, which is the area where the two corpora cavernosum are connected side-by-side. The dorsal vein runs along the top of the septum. When flaccid, the septum is easy to feel and the vein is usually soft and pliable. When erect, the vein becomes the prominent feature on the dorsal side of the penis and may indeed be hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s thrombosed.

Para-Goomba, Westla,

I’m sorry I was very inaccurate in the wording of my reply and you’re absolutely right, Westla, in my case it is the septum (also connective tissue). I’ll be more careful in the future, because such kind of an error may cause ill consequences to my brothers PE’ers. However, I’m not saying it is the ligament. I’m saying it is possible to be mistaking the ligament (the septum) for the vein or vice-versa because I used to until the urologist clear that up for me. What he describes -as Bluenun says- seems like a vein, especially because it runs all along the shaft. If KH feels something is wrong with his dick he has to be very careful and see an especialist, I know I would after checking with you guys.

Thank for correcting me it.

The more I search this site, the more confused I get. I feel absolutely no pain and I have no lumps or bumps. When erect, I can really move this vein around. It’s hard, but not alarmingly hard, I guess. Perhaps it’s improved circulation… I’ve been doing PE for about three weeks now. Other veins are starting to enlarge in size and flow with no adverse side effects. I’ve been taking NOX2 for bodybuilding along with a few other supplements that improve bloodflow. Maybe I’m not used to the increased flow downstairs. Lately I’ve been driving to work. I do around 45 minutes of dry jelking twice a day. Is this too much? I can get my dick to blow up something fierce while doing this. Please let me know if this is overdoing it.

>>I do around 45 minutes of dry jelking twice a day. Is this too much?<<

Yes. Way too much.

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