Dormant injuries despite positive PIs


I am wondering about potential injuries you could suffer from “building your penis in a improper manner”, in lack of a better explanation. For instance, in weight training you can focus too much on certain muscle groups and in the long term cause greater risk for injury or even injury. Imbalances in musculature can cause pain and injury, even without doing the exercises wrong. I know that these things apply differently to the penis, which is why I am asking this. If I focus too much on length by hanging, for example, and don’t do any girth exercises or jelqs; would it be possible for my PIs to remain the same, or even increase, over a couple of months, although I am building an “imbalanced penis”. An imbalance which in the longer run will hinder further growth.

Is there such a thing in the penis as a dormant injury which would only be visible by an experienced examination in relation to the current routine etc.?

I am very sorry if this has been discussed in length before, I tried searching but couldn’t find anything on the subject. If this is the case, I’ll do an even more thorough search, unless anyone wants to link me :)