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Donut from Jelqing?

Donut from Jelqing?

Today after my Jelqing session I was showering and I noticed that the bottom portion of my foreskin seemed a little puffy or swolen (I’m uncut). I’m assuming this is from the donut effect. From what I’ve read it’s harmless however I also read that the more you get the donut effect the more often it will reoccur. If this is the case how can I avoid it as I’d really rather not get the donut everytime I Jelq. My question is, is there anyway to avoid this and is there any long-term repercussions to getting a donut everytime?

While I was trying to figure out why this occured I noted that today I Jelqed 5 minutes longer than usual and I was also less erect when I started. I know that when pumping if you start flacid it can cause lymph fluid buildup. Anyhow have any thoughts or comments on this?

The longer you jelq for per session, the more likely it is you will get the donut effect. It could either be caused by beating yourself up too much and the resulting irritation really is swelling, or it could be from a long jelqing pump effect that forces the lymph fluids into the skin.

I don’t think there are any long term repercussions from it, but whatever the reason for getting a donut, either irritation or pump effect, I think it is a good time to end the session. Your potential for growth is based on blood engorged tissue stretching, not lymph fluid skin bloating.

Well today I got the same thing after my Jelqing session despite the fact that I reduced the time and intensity a little. It’s not swelling as it doesn’t hurt but I think a build up of the lymph fluids. Is there any way to prevent this? I read that the more often this happens the more likely it is to reoccur?

Also, the past couple days after I Jelq I haven’t been getting the lingering flaccid hang. Is that a sign that I’m doing something wrong?

When I was Jelqing I used this as a “sign” of a good workout. It usually took anywhere from 20 min to 30 min go get there. I did the manual stuff for a year and now I’m hanging. I gained over 1/2” in length doing this routine and gained girth too. (Don’t remember how much)

Usually in circumcised mans, like me, the donut effect or that lymp fluid, goes over the night.

Try to do less time of each session, or like you prefer.

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Since you are just now noticing this puffiness and your flaccid hang is not quite as good, I’m going to guess that you have increased your intensity and are now starting to go over your limits. When your cock starts to retreat, it’s usually a sign of going overboard.

Have a couple of sessions where you really concentrate on staying at moderate levels of intensity and see if things don’t improve. Stay in the it feels good range.

I wouldn’t worry to much about your foreskin getting a little puffy. I believe this is quite normal after jelqing as long as it returns to a normal size the next day.

Does anyone else have any input on this? I keep reading the more often this occurs the more likely it is to occur due to weakening of the skin and stretching. I just don’t want to end up with a bunch of extra skin at the tip of my glans.

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