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Donut Effect

Donut Effect

I have been jelqing 2 weeks with the penis pointing down. Today I tried jelqing with the penis pointing upward… I also took some breakes when my penis where to soft and got it hard again and then started jelqing again. After this exersise today I got a little “donut effect” at my penis. Is this a sign that this time my exersice was better than the other? or what? I got some problems having a boner all the time when jelqing..

Its a sign that you are pushing a little fluid around, I would worry about it too much unless it becomes a constant source of soreness. I’m not circumcised so I just get a little inflamation of the foreskin, it happens with every session and is not a problem.

Probably the best sign that you’re jelqing is going well is if you see an extended flaccid after your workout and maybe the length of time that lasts.

Lots of people have problems keeping erections whilst jelqing, it can be boring. If you are using porn try jelqing without, if you are not try with.

Hope that helps.

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