Donut effect and ruptured blood vessels for the past 6 months

Hi everyone, I have an issue that I’m hoping some of you will have experience with and am hoping to get some pointers as to how to solve this.

A few months ago, I learnt about jelqing. Now being a bit of a fool, I got so excited and thought it would be fine to jelq without any warm up or lube. Not only that, but I have jelqed when my penis was completely erect. I did this off and on for a few weeks, until I noticed 2 small problems.

1) I am uncircumcised, and when I retract my foreskin when my penis is erect, there are 2 small raised dots under the glans that are a dark red/purple. Looking on the internet led me to believe that these could be ruptured blood vessels. They are hardly noticeable when the penis is flaccid

2) I have something of a donut effect but only on the left side of my penis when I retract my foreskin. It does not go round the whole penis, it is only about 1-2 inches in length going round the left side of it. This thing basically gets puffy and is a whitish colour. Again, this only becomes visible when the penis is erect and the foreskin is pulled back.

Now the thing is, having read around on the Internet the donut effect is usually supposed to disappear within a few hours. I; on the other hand, have been having both these symptoms for the past 6 months. It is only prominent when my penis is erect. I also do not have any problems getting or maintaining an erection. When my penis is flaccid, these 2 things are barely noticeable. So, my question is do you all think this is something I should be worried about? What do you think it can be? I have done STD checks so I know it is not that. The moment I noticed this 6 months ago, I immediately stopped jelqing and have not done it since. (Only normal masturbation, and sex) Please help me out, thank you.