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Don't you love that meaty feeling

Don't you love that meaty feeling

During my first week of jelqing my penis was probably shocked by the new treatment and was “swollen” and warm all weak. Next week, it seemed to have gotten used to being badly treated and was back to it’s regular self again.
Starting on third week, I doubled jelqing time wich again resulted in a swollen warm penis.
When I say swollen I do not mean it in a bad injured sense. Simply a good feeling of having a “meatier” penis (which I love).

Is this something that goes away with time? Or do you vets continue to get this swollen warm symptoms after hard work outs, or new programs. I guess if I simply continue with the same old program not increasing time or intensity, I won’t get this reaction?

What’s your view on this?


Add baby oil if you don’t already do this. Helps to get things warm even after a dance… .:)

I believe this is what vets refer to as “the pump”-the after excercize engorgment.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Then pump effect will continue to occur with your standard routine as long as you continue to use good technique. You didn’t say how much time you go for, but once you get to 20 minutes, that is a very good jelq time and with moderate to strong jelq force the pump effect will always occur. Don’t try to always increase the force as too much will cause damage and bring diminishing returns. And your routine doesn’t have to be 20 minutes all strong force. Varying the amount of pressure during your routine is a good thing as well as varying different jelq techniques. Quality is better then quantity.

Too bad the meaty feeling doesn’t last all the time! How often do you jelq during the week?

I only increased about 1/4” girth from all the time I wet jelqed. However, I jelqed at a lower erection level than some may do. By the way, you shouldn’t jelq at full erection as I believe injury(s) have been reported. I enjoyed the meaty feeling afterwards and the bulge it would put in my pants, but it was temporary. I also enjoyed the length fowfers would put in pants, but it was temporary. In time though I slowly gained in permanent flaccid length from fowfers.

To answer your question about possibly not getting the reaction without upping the jelqing program—-Personally I found in time I got stronger reactions with just the same program. It did require the jelqing at that time to be of sufficient intensity though. A short time, hurried workout usually got very little response.

BTW, even though it’s just temporary at the time you do it, in time you should slowly get permanent benefit.

Also doing this in the afternoon and in the morning it will mostly last during the day :-) . Also you may give it some hugs before you show up in the locker room, just to show off with all of the meat you own. :)

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