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Don't want any more girth, just length


Don't want any more girth, just length

Hey everyone, I’m new, and while I probably won’t post pics lol, I am 6 3/4 inches thick (hard of course) and about 6 1/2 long (also erect)

I’m totally satisfied with my girth, just not my length! Id like to be about 7 1/2.

I usually do dry jelqs after warming up my penis in the shower, then do some quick stretches. I’ve read up a decent amount since registering here but have only been a member for a few days. If anyone could guide me in a way to just really gain length, maybe a SMALL amount of girth, that would be nice. Improving erections would be nice too. Thanks!

Kegels will act to improve erection quality.

Low erection jelqing some say is better for length.

However, if you want length without girth (and I can understand that because when you have almost as much girth as length it does make your unit look smaller than it is, as with me) I think you have to focus on stretching.

If you are a newbie, stick to the newbie routine for the recommended time, perhaps with more focus on stretching than jelqing.

If you are not a newbie, length will come via hanging, take your time and look into this area, but don’t rush in, you will risk injury.

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Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I am 6 3/4 inches thick


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Yep, lost of stretching, like 20 or so minutes and 5 minutes of jelqing. Later down,3 months later, then consider getting a stretcher or hanging. Since you only want length.

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Wow thanks guys I appreciate it, ill be sure to do that! So ill stretch at all the angles. And yeah man your right about it looking smaller when it’s almost as thick as it is long, it’s an optical illusion. Funny thing is I was 6 1/2 thick before I started, or close to it, it’s natural. I was 6 inches long when I started, I’ve been doing this for about 2 months.

V and A stretches combined with an ADS work wonders for length.

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You do realize that thick is synonymous with wide don’t you?

So your girth is right around 2 feet. :p

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Hey ironaddict, I too wish for more length rather than girth. I’m 6.25 long and 6 in girth. While having a fairly thick dick is nice, it does seem to make it look shorter. Tell me what works for you as you progress. I just started last week with the newbie routine, and I’m really hesitant to make any changes to it, as it seems like it’s the routine that has worked for all newbies.

Nono my girth is 6 3/4 inches around. Thats what I meant. And yeah wishful thinking I’m going to do a revised newbie routine, thats more for length as people said much more stretching. I’m going to research this V and A stretching as well I dunno what they are. I’m wondering what this talk about overhand or underhand grip is and damaging the nerve along the top on the penis, I use the grip that you would masturbate that overhand or under?

Ironaddict69, have a look at the link at the top of the Newbie Forum which begins “Start Here.” That will take you to lots of basic PE information, including descriptions and videos of grips and stretches. Always a good idea to try the Search function, too.

Man I was thinking about start the same thread, today I have measure my girth and my base has achieve the incredible 6,7”, must measure more times to confirm, and the head girth was 5,9”, But my lenght still only 7” NBP, I will focus more on stretch and Uli’s, I am only doing 20 JAI stretch, too little?

Phyriel, I wouldn’t change anything right now if I were you. Once you are gaining, change nothing.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Originally Posted by Okish6er


I thought you didn’t want that big a girth.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Eh I don’t think my girth is that great, but then again I’m modest about everything about my body, I’m 18 and a 220 lb bodybuilder ALREADY and I think I’m small so what the hell! Anyway, I’m gunna look into all these different types of stretches, theres just SO MANY!

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