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Don't wanna pump, hang or use stretching gadgets.


Don't wanna pump, hang or use stretching gadgets.

Hi. Everyone. I started PE a little while ago and I have already seen some gains. But I am wondering if I am doing it to hard the days I do it. I can have red/blues spots on my unit a few days after and it can feel a bit weird. But I do take days off and the newbie routine feels a bit lame.

Anyway. I don’t wanna use any gadgets, pumps or hanging. Can I get good gains without it? I Can use clamps but nothing else. My girlfriend already say I am big, don’t want her to find any PE gadgets in the apartment. Would be hard to explain that, she knows about my kegels but that’s all she knows and I tell her that I do them to keep a good erection.

Manual PE can provide great gains. You should lighten up so you don’t have those spots though. Just don’t rush into using clamps before your ready because then you’ll really hurt your dick.

Ok ty. It not so easy to lighten up but maybe I must. But I can’t PE everyday so if I can do it I do it hard. Sometimes I do it several times the same day, while watching TV for example. And if I do it several times I sometimes skip the warm up before I jelq. I have already done some clamping but nothing extreme.

All my gains have come from manual work with my hands… stretching, jelqing, other girth exercises. For a while I was overdoing it and my EQ suffered, but I dialed it back a bit and now I can have a pretty intense session in the morning and still have a raging erection for sex with the missus at night.

I would recommend taking it a bit easy and not being impatient.

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Ok maybe I need to be a bit more patient. But it’s a bit hard to be patient when I can’t PE everyday.

I’d say you can get plenty of gains with manual stretches, jelqing, kegels and edging. However, eventually you will want to incorporate light pumping if nothing else…


OK. How important is edging? It’s just masturbating without ejaculation? I hope I reach my goals without pumping :)

boonanny can you tell me a little more about your routines to gain girth especifically? I mean, man, 7.56 MSEG is MASSIVE!!!

Originally Posted by avantasia

boonanny can you tell me a little more about your routines to gain girth especifically? I mean, man, 7.56 MSEG is MASSIVE!!!

You misread that. It’s 7.56” BPFSL.

Keep it light. Do not rush into things with PE it could potentially be the worst mistake of your life. Take it slow and make sure you have time every other day to do your routine.


Like many others my first 1” was gained through manual stretches and jelqing. Much of the time I was only doing PE 4 times a week at the most. My common routine at that time was PE on M,T,Th,F so rest days were Wed., Sat., and Sun.

Admittedly, I haven’t gained alot, but what I did gain was when I was taking it easy and giving myself plenty of rest days.

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Never skip the warmup you need to have your unit ready to be stretched or jelqued.It’s like basketball when the players stretch to get loose before the game.Stick to the newbie routine and jelq wisely.You should know if you getting spots that color you need to lighten up the grip

I have gained everything from manual stretches and jelqing. I started clamping this year but have not seen any real girth gains from that yet.

Stick with manual as long as you are seeing gains and ease off the pressure when jelqing. Always do a warmup. Listen to your body and keep it working instead of breaking it.

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Getting some good advice. I concur with most of what was said, especially easing off the intensity of your jelq’s. If you are still seeing spots days after PE then you are doing the wrong kind of damage to your wang.

I also want to add that if your routine “feels lame” and you are no longer getting a feeling of fatigue it might be good to do fewer rest days instead of more / more intense exercises.

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