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Don't let this be an elaborate hoax please!!!


Don't let this be an elaborate hoax please!!!

Ok, back again tried getting on with things and accepting my physical makeup but came back to the same place.

I know this sounds all doom and gloom but my life is a real misery beacause of this affliction and I am pinning all my hopes on this being for real, I have started jelqing in the bath 3 days a week to start making use of the hot water to open up the blood vessels rather than a warm up, although I am doing a bit of stretching in all directions (whilst almost soft) then am doing about 50 jelqs to accustom my piece.

I really hope this isn’t an elaborate wind up as I’m treating this as my only hope. I know happiness shouldn’t be based on having a big or even average dick, but hard as I’ve tried to get away from it. It is! to at least feel normal as a sexual man. My relationship has really crumbled from this feeling of inadequacy but I’m putting faith in this forum and going to go for it.

However if this is a hoax please someone have some compassion for someone on the edge and PM me - I won’t blow the wind up if it is I’ll just appreciate the honesty and contunie existing.

appreciated either way


Elaborate wind up this is not.

Easy this is not, don’t give up.

p.s. don’t post your email in the public forums.


Damn, if we admited it as hoax, then where would the suprise be? This reminds me of my paranoid man-hating first “Wife” who I would suprise and she would beg for me to teel her what it was and she would act suprised still.

I think even the craziest people who sit on the internet everyday don’t have the time to pull off such an elaborate hoax. Fake a moon landing maybe, but not this. Welcome aboard.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’ve often thought “Is this all a wind up? Are my friends playing a trick on me and finding out I’m concerned about my penis size at the same time?” :-k

But then I realised that even if it is a wind up, aimed at me or anyone else, it must have backfired because the exercises really work! I really have gained length and girth on my penis, but you can’t just follow the routines to do that, you have to believe it. If you’re thinking of it as a hoax you won’t put your all into it for fear of failure and ridicule, and you won’t gain if you don’t work at it. Once you believe you’ll get on much better.

I first found this site a few years back, but never properly started PE, I think because I didn’t think it could be for real. But then I finally did start properly and joined Thunder’s Place. Then, when I committed to PE and stopped thinking of it all as a hoax I found I was actually following the routines properly and getting results.

As mischievous as Thunder is :p , I really doubt this is a hoax. If you don’t gain though, you will not be any worse off. But the likelyhood is that you will gain, so give it a go! :)

PS - if this is a hoax, someone PM me to tell me too! :D

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Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

Once you get your piece accustomed, you are going to have to put some more effort into this if it is going to work for you. So keep reading and work towards achieving the newbie routine.

If this is a hoax, my cock is in on the joke because it is definitely doing a god job of making me believe it is indeed a lot bigger.

You don’t have an affliction. You have (or had?) a woman who has done what so many women do: compared you to someone from her past in a negative way. If you’ve never met the guy and seen him naked and hard, then you don’t know if she’s telling the truth or just saying something to make you feel bad. This has happened with so many guys here that it’s almost a routine reason for joining the forums.

You’re nearly 7 inches long. Many guys here start at five or less. At least be happy with that. Your girth is somewhat below average, but that can be “fixed” if you work hard and keep at it. PE is not easy. PE is not fast. PE requires dedication and hard work. Just don’t rush things or you’ll get injured and you’ll stop again.

It’s all hypnosis… “your ruler is getting shorter.. your ruler is getting shorter..” Heck, even the new rulers I buy are shorter than they used to be!

Dizz, may I suggest jelqing every other day? This way you’ll get accustomed to the excercise much faster and you can increase the number of reps on a monthly basis.

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The mainstream medical community acknowledges that ligaments of the body stretch, even though they tend to ignore it’s ligaments we can stretch as part of PE. Hope this helps your belief.

Dizz, if this is a hoax then we are all going to be laughed at together. Don’t worry though because its for real. You’ve joined a nice little brotherhood here and we’re all here for the same thing. To get bigger dicks. Keep up the newbie routine(I would up those jelqs to a couple hundred instead of fifty btw) and be persistent with it. Persistence is the key. Keep reading, gaining more knowledge, and you will succeed at this as so many others here have.

Welcome aboard, good luck and happy gaining.


Sorry to dissapoint you, Dizz, just one big hoax! :)


Where would I be without PE?

I hope this helps… I learned of thundersplace about 3-4 years ago, and back then I read alot of what was on this forum but never involved myself with it, but never started doing any of the excercises, I ever bought a shit load of pe devices, you name it i probably got it, but again I never used it, made excusses to my self and moved on. Later I realized I was afraid to PE and not get any gains, and it took me 3 years to figure this out. I look back and think if I used that time to do the exercises I probably be at my goals already.

So what I’m trying to say…spend some time and read this forum, the logs of some of its members I found to be inspiring along with the REAL before and after pictures of some of the members also. ITS NOT TOO LATE!! Just start now and stick with it, dont waste any time doubting it, no joke


PE is the biggest hoax since the Moon landings in the late 60’s.

Oh, and I’m the Tooth Fairy :D

Damn Goodhead…. Your avatar is giving me the horn!!! ;)

Originally Posted by ziggaman
Damn Goodhead…. Your avatar is giving me the horn!!! ;)

You’d be gutted if it panned down and it was a man. :D

I was a little apprehensive when I started PE, but I feel great about it now. Best stuff going.


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