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Don't let this be an elaborate hoax please!!!


Hehe, I love my avatar, unfortunatly its now it a non-motion version :( . But its still all good, at least it stopped on a good frame :p

Even though I’m new here, I have known about PE for 5 years and never stuck to it for more than a week (oh how I regret those lost years :( ). I would read various things both on sites and things I’d find on file sharing programs on all the details of exercises, but in the end there was nothing one could call proof. Not having proof makes doing something so tedious and time cosuming very difficult because all of your doubts begin to surface. Since finding this place I have great motivation, and I’ve been able to stick to a routine for about 7 weeks now. I can tell you that in that time I have gained 1/4in in lenght. It’s for real, but it’s NOT easy.

Oh and I don’t see why so much effort would be put into a hoax where there was nothing being sold and no profit being made, it just would’nt make a bit of sense. This was my biggest doubt when I would see websites about PE because my first thought was “of course they are gonna say it works and you can get 1-3” because they are trying to sell me something,” but those fears are all gone since finding Thunder’s. Just keep at it and don’t lose sight of your goal.


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