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Don't get this...

Don't get this...

Hey, just wondering if any of you vets out there could shed some light on this:

I did two days of PE on tuesday/wednesday,

5 minute warmup

40 Jelqs

10 squeezes

I quit pumping for the time being following Marinera’s(spelling?) advice.

then I allowed my unit to cool whilst semi clamped with an adjustable cockring.

On tuesday my EQ was damn good, on wednesday my EQ was like iron (post pe) my unit was full and as plump as ever. Thursday my day off I wake up with a rock solid morning wood, feels full and great in my hands; I decided not to masturbate all day. Reached late evening and decided to watch some porn, only to find my EQ is down, my unit slightly thinner - this just doesn’t make any sense to me atm.

Any hints?

EQ following a workout can be higher than it will be on a normal day off. Inflammation and swelling (not necessarily bad) will give you the plump feel and look and as it goes down you during your rest period you may feel smaller.

I certainly feel bigger post workout than I do on my off days.

Some guys will do a quick pump or session prior to sex to give them that extra plump for their woman. If your EQ is way down, it may be an injury but if it’s just a minor change don’t worry about it.

If you have taken a break from PE, perhaps the size gain you received from Tues/Wed workout was swelling- a part of the healing process. If your EQ is ok otherwise I wouldn’t worry. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.


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Goal 7.50 NBPEL X 5.50 EG

Cheers for the advice so far, anyone else?

Don’t worry about it so much, my dick has so many size moods each day. Right now he’s having a post gym caffeine mood and he’s looking smallish and pissed. After the caffeine wears off I’m hoping he goes back to being happy and large:) .

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Funny you should say that Dino… I forgot to include that my poor EQ was post gym/caffeine also. Thanks :D


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